More than three hundred students will undergo a summer practice at ilyushin aviation complex

01 July 2019
IL Ilyushin Aviation Complex will again provide dedicated programme students with the opportunity to undertake an internship. This year 346 aviation designers-to-be will obtain theoretical knowledge and practice of work at one of the leading design bureaus of the country.

In the course of the meeting at the enterprise the students had the opportunity to speak personally to the General Director of PJSC “IL” Yury Grudinin.

In his commencement speech Yury Vladimirovich congratulated future specialists with passing the summer term exams and explained what shall they expect during the practice: “Today the Transport Aviation Division includes several design bureaus and a number of aviation plants at which military, transport, hydro and special purpose aircraft are designed. There is a lot of work and we are glad to see young engineers among us. We expect a creative approach to tasks, which will be given to you during this practice”.

Senior students will be distributed among the departments of “Ilyushin” experimental design bureau and during a month, they will be working with real current tasks of these departments.

Junior students will undergo the course of lectures on the enterprise main subjects. By the end of the practice, they will be acquainted with “IL” aircraft models, their properties, structural and operational features, 3D-design programs, get other useful skills, which come in during further course of study.

Educational events are selected and directed so that after the graduation fully prepared young specialists will join employees of the enterprise.

Upon the end of the practice the best students shall acquire the right to work at the departments of PJSC “IL”. Now more than 30 contract students are already working at the enterprise sharing time with studies.

“Ilyushin” pays a lot of attention to work with students. Thanks to that the working places of the enterprise are constantly enriched with young highly skilled engineers.