Ilyushin’s staff received awards from FSMTC

06 September 2018
The awards of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) were presented at the PJSC «IL» in Moscow. Signs of distinction of FSMTC were awarded to the Deputy chief designer for aerodynamics, flight dynamics and control systems of aircraft Olga Kruglyakova and Lead Economist Andrey Dorokhov. Nine employees of «Ilyushin» received FSMTC’s medals «For Distinction».


38 people were marked with the diplomas and gratitude of the Director of the FSMTC, as well as the certificates of honor of the UAC, the Ministry of Industry and trade and the Union of Aviation Industrialists of Russia.

The First Deputy General Director of the PJSC «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» Pavel Cherenkov congratulated colleague. He noted that this year the staff members were among the first in the whole United Aircraft Corporation by the number of various awards.


«This shows that our team has a large number of highly professional employees. Ilyushin’s staff is the heart of our enterprise, – Cherenkov said. – The reward of each of you is the reward of your unit, the reward of the whole enterprise».

Also, the First Deputy General Director of PJSC «IL» spoke about the status of current projects and called for mobilization, to make every effort to implement all plans scheduled for 2018