New regional aircraft IL-114-300 will receive a modern interior

01 June 2018
Ил-114-300.jpgPJSC «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» held a competition for the development and production of interior and sanitary equipment of the IL-114-300 aircraft. The winner was the «Rusaviainter».

«IL-114-300 is a very expected aircraft, which will take its niche in regional transportation across the country. The machine is created with the latest design and production technologies and will become the basis for a whole family of machines for various purposes. The passenger compartment in the IL-114-300 will be organized with maximum benefit and convenience for passengers. Modern materials will be used to ensure safety and comfort throughout the flight. We are ready to offer our customers a flexible interior configuration system that allows us to modify the interior according to their requirements», – said the First Deputy General Director of PJSC «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» Pavel Cherenkov.

In the basic version of the passenger compartment it is planned to place 68 seats according to the scheme 2x2. Spacious luggage shelves will increase the total space of the cabin, and passengers will be able to use the modern principle of "luggage with you." Ergonomic chairs, optimal lighting and air-conditioning systems, made using advanced technologies, will allow the aircraft to reach a competitive level of comfort with the world's largest aircraft manufacturers.

The regional aircraft IL-114-300 is designed for autonomous use at airports, that are not equipped with concrete and dense ground covering of the strip, which expands the range of its application. A ladder for boarding and disembarking passengers is built into it to operate the aircraft in weakly equipped air hubs.

Earlier, the State transport leasing company reported that the possibility of increasing the volume of the contract with the «UAC» for regional aircraft IL-114-300 due to an additional option for 50 aircraft is considered. In 2017, the company has already signed a preliminary contract for 50 such aircraft.