PJSC «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» received four aircraft repair plants

31 May 2018
PJSC «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» (part of the Transport Aviation Division of the PJSC «UAC») received the rights of the sole executive body concerning JSC «20 ARZ», JSC 123 ARP, JSC 308 ARP and JSC «325 ARZ». The changeover of these plants under the control of PJSC «IL» implemented within the framework of the formation of the Transport Aviation Division of the PJSC «UAC».

«The inclusion of four aircraft repair plants in the control loop will allow the Transport Aviation Division to carry out service, repair and modernization of the fleet of domestic transport and special aircraft more efficiently and qualitatively. It also provides an opportunity to increase the effectiveness of life cycle maintenance of machines operating abroad», – said Vice-President of the Transport Aviation of the «UAC», General Director of PJSC «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» Alexey Rogozin.

The implementation of measures about the changeover of the rights of the sole executive body to PJSC «IL» will allow to optimize the management apparatus and support services, to consolidate the production capacities of enterprises, that perform the development, construction, maintenance and repair of aviation equipment.

JSC 123 ARP is located in the Staraya Russa city, Novgorod Region; JSC «20 ARZ» in Pushkin, St. Petersburg; JSC 308 ARP in Ivanovo; JSC «325 ARZ» in Taganrog, Rostov Region.

The plant is engaged in repair and maintain aircraft IL-76, IL-78, L-410, IL-38, IL-18, IL-20, IL-22, An-22, An-24, An-26, An-30, An-32, An-72, An-74, An-2, An-12, their components and engines, ground communications and radio support of flights, perform other kind of work.