PJSC «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» will develop new equipment for a fire aircraft

16 April 2018
ПАО ИлPJSC «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» (Transport Aviation Division of PJSC UAC) will design a new air spray tanks (VAP), which can be used more effectively by a fire plane. It is planned to increase the volume of extinguishing agent to 55 tons in the new VAP-3, while the same indicator of the previous generation of the spray tanks is about 42 tons.

The VAP-3 system can be installed on any aircraft IL-76MD-90A or IL-78M-90A without any modifications to the aircraft, what shortens the time of readiness of the emergency forces.

The first VAP was produced in 1989 and had a volume of 32 tons of extinguishing agent. Test flights IL-76 with VAP-1 proved the effectiveness oа this system in extinguishing fires in remote and inaccessible areas. By the beginning of 1993, PJSC "IL" had designed an advanced VAP-2 with a capacity of 42,000 liters.

Since 2011, the fire-fighting aircraft IL-76TD and IL-76MD have been successfully used annually in fire extinguishing operations in Russia and abroad. In 2017, the IL-76TD aircrafts of the EMERCOM of Russia has proved its efficiency in extinguishing of forest fires on the territory of Russia, in protecting of human settlements from forest fires in Chile and localizing wildfires in the reserve "Khosrov Forest" in the Republic of Armenia.