The crew of the anti-submarine aircraft IL-38SD received awards

08 May 2018
Экипаж Ил-38SD.jpgFor personal courage and high professionalism, shown during the abnormal landing of the aircraft at the end of April in Zhukovsky, the crew of the anti-submarine aircraft IL-38SD received awards, which were presented in the framework of the events dedicated to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War by the General Director of PJSC «IL» Alexey Rogozin.

The pilot-in-command – Honored Test Pilot of the Russian Federation Igor Zinov and the Pilot-Instructor – Honored Test Pilot of the Russian Federation Vladimir Irinarkhov were awarded Ilyushin Medals of Honor.

The Honored Test Navigator of the Russian Federation Andrey Kosterin, the 1st class test flight engineer Aleksei Zhuravlev, the 1st class test flight radio-operator Yuri Ponomarev and the 2nd class onboard electrician Roman Shalygin were awarded gratitude and diplomas.

28 of April the IL-38SD aircraft was successfully landed with an unreleased front landing gear. The crew of the aircraft carried out a scheduled test flight, but before landing it became clear that the nose landing gear remained in the retracted state.
Quickly assessed the situation, the crew decided to release it abnormally, then to create the alternating overload. Sharp rolls and turns had not lead to success. Then the pilots made two attempts to release the landing gear, imitating the landing and hitting the main chassis against the concrete runway, but these attempts were also unsuccessful.

Having exhausted all possibilities, the crew decided to land on the main landing gears, easing the aircraft as much as possible. The aircraft made several rounds over the airfield, consuming fuel, after which it was successfully planted with minimal damage.