Yuri Slyusar: The Ilyushin-based UAC Transport Division Faces Quite Ambitious Tasks

15 January 2018
On 15 January, a ceremonial assembly, dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Ilyushin Aviation Complex (PJSC «IL»), took place at the company’s premises. The event was attended by the Russian deputy minister for industry and trade Oleg Bocharov, president of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Yuri Slyusar, UAC vice-president for transport aviation and general director of PJSC «IL» Alexey Rogozin, adviser to the general director Genrikh Novozhilov, all the management and employees of PJSC «IL».

The attendees honoured the memory of the legendary founder of the design bureau, laid floral tributes on the Sergei Ilyushin’s monument.

The UAC president Yuri Slyusar pointed out that the UAC transport aviation division, of which PJSC «IL» is the parent enterprise, faces most important missions: «The UAC transport division faces quite ambitious tasks. We have the biggest number of projects and contracts for the development of which a large amount of resources have been allocated».

«The design bureaus and enterprises of long-range transport aviation must create a whole family of military and transport aircraft, from the light vehicles to the super-heavy ones. Within the coming ten years, almost all the Antonov aircraft, as well as other aerial vehicles constructed outside Russia, will finish their operation», Yuri Slyusar said, «and you are confronted with a most significant crucial task – to replace them with Ilyushin aircraft». The IL-114-300 project gained support from the Russian president, and the year 2018 is expected to witness the beginning of the newest IL-76MD-90A mass production.

«The main distinctive feature of an Ilyushin designer is an ability to foresee», stated Genrikh Novozhuilov in his welcoming speech. Novozhilov is Sergei Ilyushin’s successor as the chief designer and the company director. «Sergei Ilyushin had always been able to foresee which aircraft exactly the country would need. He also apprehended an inevitable war with the Nazi Germany, and that is why the first project of his design bureau were long-range bombers TsKB-26, DB-3, IL-4, and IL-2 attack aircraft. And as early as on 8 August 1941, they mounted the first attack at the enemy capital, Berlin.

«Ilyushin people! The whole country, the Russian government, the UAC management pin a lot of hope on you», said deputy minister for industry and trade of Russia Oleg Bocharov. «The missions confronting you are difficult, but they are feasible, if you keep in mind your glorious past and believe in the impossible».