Alexey Rogozin and Alexander Gusev Discussed VASO Development

17 January 2018
17.01.18 Встреча с ВРИО губернатора воронежской обл Александром гусевым.jpg

The UAC (United Aircraft Corporation) vice-president for transport aviation and PJSC IL director general Alexey Rogozin has had a meeting with acting governor of the Voronezh region Alexander Gusev. The business meeting was also attended by acting deputy chairman of the regional government Artyom Verkhovtsev and by executive director of PJSC Voronezh Aircraft Manufacture (PJSC VASO) Sergei Isayenko.
The main subject of the meeting was the development prospects of VASO (forms part of the transport aviation division). Alexey Rogozin informed that in 2018 the companies which are members of the UAC group, including VASO, will start transforming into the corporation subsidiaries.

Currently, the Voronezh aircraft plant is completing the formation of the long-term production plan, which is going to be implemented starting from 2018. Cost effectiveness by year 2022 is to be the result of this plan. Also during the meeting were discussed various options of VASO’s cooperation with other companies within one field: with the oil and gas cluster, for example. The aircraft plant has unique equipment, qualified personnel, and opportunities for additional workload.

At the moment, assembly works of two up-to-date IL-112V light military and transport flight models are in progress at VASO. Moreover, batch production of IL-96-400M passenger airliners is also to be deployed here. On top of that, the UAC centre of competence is to be established at the plant. It is going to be a production line of engine nacelles for Russian transport and passenger aircraft.