Ilyushin Aviation Complex opens its doors for visitors

08 December 2017

d89ae533-b38b-4d2d-9d2b-e7cb7d43bf34.jpgIlyushin Aviation Complex joined the initiative of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of the city of Moscow «A day without turnstiles». Metropolitans got the unique chance to visit Ilyushin Aviation Complex.

Aleksei Fursin, Director of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of the city of Moscow took part in the event. Advisor of Director General of Ilyushin Aviation Complex Vadim Kucherov conducted the excursion of the museum of the enterprise and told about main periods of its history and about production of legendary «IL aircraft.»

«We are glad to participate in this initiative and tell about us to all those who love aviation engineering, - noted First Deputy General Director of Ilyushin Aviation Complex PJSC Pavel Cherenkov. - We are ready to support such events in the future. The next year is anniversary for us. «IL» will turn 85 years. And within the frames of this celebration we will do our best to tell the history of Ilyushin Aviation Complex and about our future. By the way, our museum is opened for visitors always».

Aleksei Fursin told that it was the second time when «A day without turnstiles» conducted. It aim is to show, how an innovationa production manufactured on the Moscow plants, increase the prestige of engineering and working professions.

Also the guests of «IL» were able to visit the design bureau where the development of modernized and new aircraft such as IL-76MD-90A, IL-114-300, IL-112V conducted. More than 30% of the personnel of the design bureau are young specialists. Deputy General Director for Design - Head of Experimental Design Bureau Andrei Novozhilov told the visitors about the most modern software applied in the design works. Engineering designers have been working with 3D-models of units and aggregates and not with paper drafts. Herewith every employee has the access for all the documentation concerning aircraft. A project is also available for employees at manufacturing plants what allows them to amend it with remarks and suggestions. First Deputy General Director Pavel Cherenkov noted that transfer for digital design was fairly quick.

Besides, the excursion was conducted at the testing complex where tests of units, aggregates and constructional elements carried out.

Ilyushin Aviation Complex may become the base for creation of an innovation infrastructure which would create the conditions for development of aircraft engineering branch. There will be additional high-tech workplaces within the frames of transformation of the industrial model and science and technological initiative of the complex.

In total in the frames of the municipal initiative «A day without turnstiles-2017» participated more than 50 Moscow enterprises, creating innovation production.