«Our task is to enhance the service level»

17 November 2017

Pavel Cherenkov - about perspectives of the Russian military transport aviation.
Transport aviation serves as a key element, providing efficiency of the armed forces in general and sometimes a lot of things depend on its condition even more then on combat units condition. In the nearest future the number of releases of transport aircraft in Russia shall increase - both in number and nomenclature. Deputy General Director of Ilyushin Aviation Complex Pavel Cherenkov answered the questions of correspondent of iz.ru portal at the fields of Dubai Air Show 2017 aviation exhibition.

- What are the priority tasks for Ilyushin Aviation Complex today?
- Taking into consideration creation of the transport aviation division, the first task is to unify the enterprises for cooperative work. The next one is to increase total volume of manufacture for the division and UAC in general. On that direction we are expecting launch of the production line in Ulianovsk in the end of the next year, which will allow us to manufacture 12 aircraft IL-76 per year.

We have to take into consideration that this volume won’t cover all the market demands that they are far more wider and inner market is not limited by 39 aircraft which we will deliver under the contract with the Ministry of Defence and besides that 76th aircraft has a potential for an export.
If we are talking about the development of IL-76, we put our big hopes on IL-76MF its stretched modification. This aircraft is also expected by Aerospace Forces of Russia - for airborne and drop operations and also by other customers. If the demand for IL-76MF is be formed, the launch of this aircraft into the production will be possible starting from 2020.

- What will be the difference of IL-76MF from aircraft of this modification that were manufactured at Tashkent Aviation Company?
- The main new features, of course, are concentrated in control and avionics systems. Of course I am talking about the digital cockpit.

- New engine?
- Remotorization is possible. Of course we are expecting PD-14 and with pleasure will assemble it to the aircraft if we have such an opportunity, takong into consideration its characteristics. If we are talking about engines the we also are expecting PD-35 - new engine for heavy aircraft. IL-96 remotorization for two engines is possible.

- If we are talking about IL-96, what is its market and what are its perspectives, especially within tha frames of the development of the joint Russian and Chinese project of the wide fuselage aircraft?
Perspectives of IL-96 will be determined out of its modernized version characteristics. For example we have been working on its composite wing and some solutions we have for MS-21 allow us to solve this issue. In combination wit new engines the composite wing will dramatically increase the fuel efficiency and commercial attraction of the aircraft.

- What new shall we expect in the line of heavy transport aircraft?
- We shall soon release the new tanker - IL-78M-90A manufactured in Ulianovsk, this aircraft is very expected in the long distance aviation, taking into consideration their plans for expansion of the strategic bombers fleet.

As to cargo aircraft - «Ruslan» with its modernization shall fill in the category of 120 tons until 2040s. Probably we will have other projects.

- What can you tell about IL-276 perspectives? Middle transport aircraft has been expected for more than 20 years...
- At the present time we have signed the agreement with all the parties concerned. We are finishing the detailed design and ready for engineering design. The main task is organization of program management, we are sure that this will allow us to minimize problems during the release of the aircraft into the serial production.

The aircraft is in high demand - 20 tons of load meet the considerable area of tasks, allowing us to save IL-76 for more heavy tasks. The same category fleet of AN-12 is swiftly dropping out. IL-275 is in a great measure unified with IL-76 in cargo department and centre-section and we expect that the experience of mastering of IL-76 in Ulianovsk will make it easier to launch the «junior» aircraft into the serial production.

- What type of engine will be fitted to IL-276?
- The first prototype, I think, shall utilize PS-90 and during the serial production it will be fitted with PD-14. If everything is according to the plan, the first flight of the new aircraft will be carried out by the end of 2023.

In general we have already formed the whole line in perspective. There are IL-112 which shall fly in the beginning of the next year, passenger IL-114, then middle transport aircraft IL-276, then the family of IL-76, including tankers and special versions and, finally, IL-96 and the perspective complex of transport aviation.

Our models are responding all the requirements of the market. Our aim is to increase the service level and we shall work on it bearing in mind out previous experience with the program of the middle transport aircraft, where it is initially stated and works on the service life. In perspective we shall provide the accompanying of the service life of an aircraft at all its stages, including technical maintenance, repair works, responsive defect rectification works and adaptation of existing aircraft and adaptation of existing aircraft.