Ilyushin Aviation Complex opens its representational office on the territory of Russian Aviation Corporation «MiG» in Lukhovitsy

23 November 2017

ПАО ИиLukhovitsyRepresentational office of PJSC «IL» opened on November 23 on the territory of production complex of «MiG» Corporation in Lukhovitsy. Creation of the constant centre of PLSC «IL» is necessary for coordination of a work process between specialists of «MiG» Corporation and engineers of «IL» for launching a serial production of perspective short-haul passenger aircraft IL-114-300.

«Establishment of the representation office of «IL» is an act of consolidation of potentials aimed for reduction of the production development and release time. We take efforts to accomplish all the tasks we have ahead of the scheduled terms», - pointed out Vice President for th transport aviation of PJSC «UAC», Director General of Ilyushin Aviation Complex PJSC Alexey Rogozin. 

«Today we have made a very important step towards manufacturing of the new passenger aircraft IL-114-300 and forming of the cooperation between two Corporations under the authority of PJSC «UAC» at the territory of Lukhovitsy, - noted Director General of JSC «RAC «MiG» Iliya Tarasenko. - This will allow us to create a team of designers under the management of the UAC engineering centre for leading the processes of manufacturing and implementation of the aircraft at workshops». 

ПАО ИлThe ceremony of the representation office opening was attended by First Deputy General Director of PJSC «IL» Pavel Cherenkov, Lukhovitsy 3, Deputy General Director for Production - Director of the Production complex No. 1 - branch of JSC «RAC «MiG» Oleg Shilov, Deputy General Director for Design - Head of Experimental Design Bureau of PJSC «IL» Andrey Novozhilov, directors of IL-114 manufacture programs and other representatives of JSC «RAC «MiG», PJSC «IL» and PJSC «UAC».

IL-114-300 is the fully modernized model of the short-haul passenger turbo-prop aircraft IL-114. IL-114-300 is under development in Ilyushin Aviation Complex PJSC». Production complex No. 1 which is the branch of JSC «RAC «MiG» was chosen as the main production site for manufacturing of aircraft. 

The liner is able to carry up to 68 passengers on the distance of 1400 kilometres. Besides that the aircraft is able to use short runways and runways with ground coating, it may make landings at airports which do not have the efficient technical equipment. For successful fulfilment by a crew of its tasks Il-114-300 is equipped with a digital flight and navigation complex, ensuring take-offs and landings under weather conditions corresponding to category II of ICAO.