«Ilyushin» Aviation Complex and Moscow Physical and Technical Institute will cooperate in manpower training area

16 November 2017
Vice President of the transport division of the UAC, Director General of PJSC «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» Alexey Rogozin and rector of Moscow Physical and Technical Institute (state university) Nikolay Kudryavtsev have signed the agreement on cooperation in interests of development of the Russian aviation engineering.

Realization of the document foresees forming of the complex of programs and measures, directed upon development of integration of higher education with the newest achievements of science and technology. PJSC «IL» shall lend support to the Moscow Physical and Technical Institute in the issues of stimulation of innovative activity in the branch of production and operation of a transport aviation. Also «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» and the profession oriented institution of higher education shall cooperate in the area of manpower training for the aviation industry.