Young engineers of the UAC gather to build «TAD country»

13 November 2017
More than 170 young specialists from all the enterprises of the Transport Aviation Division (TAD) of the United Aviation Corporation gathered at the the Moscow region recreation centre «Ilyushin» to conduct their first meeting. Engineers of Ilyushin Aviation Complex, «Aviastar-SP» aviation plant, «Voronezh joint stock aviation community» and «V.M. Myasishchev Electrical and Mechanical Plant» came here to understand what will be the result of association of several enterprises into a transport division and and how its employees may set up an effective and productive cooperation. To build «TAD country» by explaining vision of ways and means of building up interrelations in division - this is the task suggested to the participants of the meeting as part of training which has become the basis of the program.

The meeting of young employees of TAD was opened by the first deputy General Director of «Ilyushin» Pavel Cherenkov. He talked with young specialists about leadership in their profession and emphasized the individual role of every participant in the common cause.

«Today I see the future of the Russian aviation in front of me and this future has a beautiful young face, enlightened and full of aspiration», - said Cherenkov.

Strategic session of the meeting was opened by the Vice President of the UAC for the transport aviation, General Director of Ilyushin Aviation Complex Alexey Rogozin. He asked engineers to tell about the problems which bother them and mess with their work. Supplies of materials and coordination of documents, instruments and worbenches, changes in designing documentation and coordination with the military acceptance - theses are the questions which were discussed during the meeting which was maximally open and honest.

Summarizing the opinion of the engineers Alexey Rogozin noted: «We have a lot of problems, but the main problem is that we often blameПАО Ил somebody else - developers, priduction, suppliers, customer, economic environment, but we don’t feel our own responsibility. By gathering here we are making a very important step forward. You may now understand that every area has its difficulties and we shall overcome them together».

He advised young specialists to try to understand how to establish communications and partnership with each other.

There are complex and sizeable tasks to be solved by the division. For example load at Ilyushin and Myasishchev design bureaus has increased decidedly - we are talking about works on Il-76MD-90A, Il-78M-90A, Il-114, Il-112V, Il-96-400M aircraft and 50 topics more.

«Volume of aircraft production which is demanded by our customers requires new approaches and change in our pace of work. We need to understand, that we have to do that: learn, argue, prove, listen, find the truth», explained Vice President of the transport aviation. - «And like Sergey Vladimirovich Ilyusnin used to say, we need to compete with the best and manufacture aircraft without taking our country to bankruptcy».

The leader of the division said that the great legacy of the Soviet designing school shall not only been preserved, but to build on its foundation the future of the Russian aviation engineering: «Every day make a little revolution in what you are doing and with time you will see how everything develops faster and faster».

The strategic session of lectures on systematic engineering and system of systems was continued by the counsellor of the Director General of «Ilyushin» Viktor Nikolenko. In his turn the leader of the branch Viktor Dmitriev and counsellor the Director General Sergey Khaprov told about the aim of the working groups formed out of the young specialists in the context of the training.

«In TAD country thanks to the actions of our «intelligence groups» there shall no be any «white spots», - addressed the young specialists Sergey Khaprov.

As part of the business games young specialists shall perfect optimisation technologies of business processes and cooperative solving of problems which arise before them every day.