Ilyushin Personnel Congratulates Novozhilov upon his Birthday

27 October 2017
Новожилов Г.В.
«There is no such work that could not have been done better. I have always followed this rule». This is how Genrikh Vasilievich Novozhilov reminisces about the principle which Sergei Vladimirovich Ilyushin taught him. Today, Ilyushin’s successor and «IL» chief designer for 35 years (1970-2005), Genrikh Novozhilov has turned 92.

Under his leadership and with his participation, famous Ilyushin aircraft were put into operation: heavy transport IL-76 and long-range IL-62, wide-body IL-86 and IL-96, «rural» IL-114 liner and long-range IL-18, one of the first passenger aircraft IL-14, jet strike IL-28 bomber and experimental IL-54 bomber. It is hard to name a post-war Ilyushin aircraft which has not been marked with Novozhilov’s engineering skill. The thing is that, in 1948, Ilyushin Design Bureau (now Ilyushin Aviation Complex) became the first and the only place of employment of the qualified engineer Novozhilov.

It all began with uncle Sasha, a neighbour in the communal flat. He worked as an aircraft technician, and his stories, books, and uniform aroused in a young Novozhilov an eternal craving for the sky. Besides, Genrikh’s father served as a military engineer, and the glory of the pilots in the late 30s compared well with the subsequent popularity of the cosmonauts in the 60s.

A leg injury made Novozhilov give up his dream about becoming a pilot, but neither the war nor the evacuation prevented him from entering the Moscow Aviation Institute. After Novozhilov’s pre-graduation internship at Ilyushin Design Bureau, he was noticed and offered to stay.

In 10 years, Genrikh Vasilievich became deputy chief designer for IL-18 aircraft. He did an enormous amount of work to commission a long-range turboprop liner. According to Novozhilov, without this experience, he hardly would have become a chief designer. In 1964, Sergei Ilyushin made him his first deputy. Seven years later, already a chief designer, Novozhilov presented to Ilyushin an «aerial truck» IL-76, ready for its first flight.

«If you make four airborne streams on IL-76, I will put an in-life monument to you», a Red Army General Margelov used to say to Novozhilov. «He did not put a monument to me, of course. The highest award from Vasily Filippovich [Margelov] was to be «kissed in front of the ranks». When IL-76 was approved for testing, he gave a kiss and presented me with a knife-bayonet with a «40 years of the airborne forces» inscription engraved on it», Genrikh Vasilievich reminisces. And he was worth it. IL-76 is still a most important part of the Russian military transport aviation. And IL-114 and IL-96-400 gain a new start.

We whole-heartedly congratulate our teacher and mentor Genrikh Vasilievich upon his birthday and wish him robust health and many happy returns of the day! You will always be an example of dedication to the cause of aircraft manufacture and aviation, as well as of proper attitude to work and life!