Alexey Rogozin: «No Need to Wait for Production Order, Quality is Needed Now»

02 October 2017
22179722_831483930358766_8699892420560298955_o.jpgOn 2 October, Voronezh Aircraft Manufacture Joint Stock Company (VASO PJSC, forms part of the transport aviation division of the United Aircraft Corporation) hosted a conference headed by Alexey Rogozin, general director of PJSC «IL», which is the parent company of the UAC transport division. The subject of the conference was the implementation of the division programmes at the Voronezh Aircraft Factory.

The participants of the conference, managers and specialists of both IL and VASO, directly inspected the assembly, blanking and stamping, and final assembly workshops in order to discuss the agenda issues in detail. Among them are An-148 and Il-96-400M aircraft programmes implementation, after-sale service of Il-96 related to the special «Russia» flight detachment and the Russian defence ministry. Issues related to manufacture of development models of Il-112V light military transport aircraft were also discussed.

Alexey Rogozin pointed out general approaches to production in present-day conditions: «First, we should become flexible and be able to adapt quickly. Second, we need to reduce the loss rate dramatically. We must tackle these problems every day. Today we find ourselves in a situation where one should answer a most important question: what we are going to be like in a few years. Boeing and Airbus make 700 civil aircraft per year, while we, a great aviation nation, – far fewer. Fewer than Brazil and Canada. How is it possible?»

The general director of PJSC «IL» is sure that «it is time to get our act together and realise that batch production is no longer going to exist in the form we are accustomed to. Even if we talk about an aircraft so small as Il-112, we are going to make each vehicle «on a individual basis», adapting it to the variable requirements of the Russian defence ministry and other customers. Because tasks also constantly change. But I would remind everyone that our country has always been specifically famous for its customized developments. Il-96 is a good example in this regard, as practically each vehicle is unique. That’s why we should not say that as soon we receive a large State defence order, then we will start working at full capacity. We must do good work every day. And I believe that all today’s difficulties can be overcome if we make the necessary effort. We want to be proud not only of the history of our factory, but also of its present and future; we have to learn to work in the current conditions».

A separate discussion was dedicated to the VASO production system. VASO chief executive officer Sergei Isayenko spoke about the upcoming changes at the company: «Our factory is going to launch a full-scale programme of the production system development and modernisation, including the area of lean manufacturing. This country awaits our aircraft, and we must start making them with advanced quality standards and advanced efficiency.

Adviser of the VASO chief executive officer, candidate of technical sciences Oleg Klyonov, made a special presentation. The current status and development prospects of the Voronezh factory’s production system were studied in the context of using TPS/Lean methodology, which is being successfully implemented in leading Russian and international aircraft manufacture companies.