Alley of Aircraft Designers Opens in Zhukovsky with Ilyushin’s Support

22 September 2017
received_1815901248424208.jpegBusts of sixteen legendary aircraft designer have been placed in the central public garden of the city of Zhukovsky. The Alley of Aircraft Designers was founded by efforts of the Aviation Legends charity foundation. The project was supported by the United Aircraft Corporation and the leading Russian aviation companies, including Ilyushin Aviation Complex.

The Alley was opened on 22 September, on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of the city which was named after one of the founders and inspirers of the Russian aviation. The ceremony was attended by the Heroes of the USSR and Russia, test pilots and aircraft industry veterans, representatives of various aviation enterprises and design bureaus. A symphony orchestra led by People’s artist of Russia Sergei Skripka was providing the solemn mood of the event. The climax of the celebration was a parade of aircraft, the manufacture of which could not have been possible without the outstanding designers.

Just above the city, in a formal formation, flew Mi-8 and M-35 helicopters; a newest Ka-52K helicopter; An-30, Il-20 aircraft; MiG-29 fighter, combat training Yak-130 aircraft, and a pair of newest Su-57 fighters of the fifth generation.

Below are all the names of this pleiad: Sergei Ilyushin, Andrei Tupolev, Artyom Mikoyan, Mikhail Gurevich, Pavel Sukhoi, Vladimir Myasishchev, Vladimir Petlyakov, Nikolai Polikarpov, Oleg Antonov, Aleksandr Yakovlev, Semyon Lavochkin, Georgy Beriev, Robert Bartini, Mikhail Mil, Nikolai Kamov, and Marat Tishchenko.


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