Aleksei Rogozin: «An engineer perceives the world as an object and changes it»

15 September 2017
IMG-20170915-WA0000.jpgWhat distinguishes a future engineer and how to manage a high technology defence enterprise on the high competitive market - these were the topics Aleksei Rogozin talked about with participants of engineering and management school «Tekhspetsnaz-2017» in Crimea.

Vice-President of the UAC, Director General of Ilyushin Aviation Complex met with young engineers from the largest Russian industry enterprises. For the third time «Tekhspetsnaz» gathers young specialists aimed to become leaders of the defence and industry complex: here they learn to work in a team, create and promote joint perspective commercial projects make their presentations to experts and even to obtain first prototypes. Among more than a hundred of participants, there were also engineers from the UAC enterprises.

The topic of the meeting of Aleksei Rogozin with young engineers was determined as «Aircraft engineering management» but it started with discussion of issues relevant for the whole defence and industry complex. Participants of the school inquired on the problems of development of the UAC enterprises, on difficulties of transfer to manufacturing of a civil implication production, on sore spots of import phase-out.

General Director of Ilyushin Aviation Complex is sure: global competition and volatility will only increase. The world becomes more complex and employees of defenceIMG-20170915-WA0002.jpg and industry enterprises shall be able to find and promote new ideas, learn constantly and be ready to take the responsibility for their projects.

«An engineer needs to be an inventor in the first place, to observe objects of his work in a complex, to be responsible for an end product, - said Aleksei Rogozin, - if you just go with the stream you are not an engineer. An engineer perceives the world as an object and changes it».

In this regard as Mr. Rogozin thinks, the special attention has to be paid to the realization of programs and systematic approach to the management of the aircraft engineering and other hi-tech enterprises. He emphasized that exactly the same policy is now carried out at Ilyushin Aviation Complex - promotion of specialists and managers able to work with complex programs, respond for terms and realization of projects «in metal».

In aircraft engineering, thinks Mr. Rogozin, it is important to aim for serial production of competitive items. Today, reminds Director General of Ilyushin Aviation Complex, Russian aircraft engineering industry not only fulfils state orders of Ministry of Defence or Russia: enterprises start to manufacture passenger aircraft and Russian military and civil production is in high demand abroad.

«It is time to stop accusing the past for our mistakes. It is not the first time when I visit «Tekhspetsnaz» school as it gathers representatives of the new elite of the Russian defence and industry complex: young engineers, managers, technical leaders. You have the future of the defence and industry complex in your hands, that is why it is you who will modernize enterprises and, what is most important, approaches for production, - addressed Aleksei Rogozin the participants of the school. - Together we have the opportunity to return leading positions of our country in hi-tech branches».