Il-114-300 and Il-112V engines were tested airborne

12 September 2017
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The first flight of the restored fly laboratory Il-76LL equipped with TV7-117ST engine and AV-112 propeller took place on the 12th of September at the territory of the Flight Test Institute named after M.M. Gromov (the city of Zhukovsky).

«The start of the flight tests of TV7-117ST engine is an epochal event for the Russian aircraft engineering in general, - said Vice President of the transport aviation of the UAC, Director General of Ilyushin Aviation Complex Aleksei Rogozin, - these turboprops will be installed on regional aircraft Il-114-300 and transport Il-112V in the nearest future. Fully modernized Il-114 shall bring Russia back into the niche of short-haul liners and specialized aviation market and light military transport aircraft Il-112V shall replace ageing «An” aircraft fleet (24/26). That is why the success of TV7-117ST engine tests is the key for development of the Russian turboprop aviation and import phase-out in this segment».

The newest TV7-117ST turboprop engine is the modernized version of TV7-117SM and is designed for regional passenger carriers Il-114-300 and light military and transport Il-112V.

TV7-117ST engines stand out for their increased power and one of the best factors of effectiveness and economical operation in their class. One of the special features is that the automatic control system controls not only the work of an engine but a propeller too. That in its turn allows to increase the efficiency of the power plant.

Light military transport aircraft Il-112V is designed for transporting of light armaments and military vehicles, cargoes and personnel, wide range of cargoes for the purposes of a commercial exploitation of the aircraft. The aircraft may also be used for airdropping of military cargoes and personnel.

The special feature of the new transport aircraft is its single-piece wing representing a torsion box structure. Il-112V will be fitted with the equipment from the Russian-origin components elemental base. The construction of the aircraft shall allow to make take-offs and landings at aerodromes with primer coating.

Il-114-300 passenger carrier is designed for operation at local airlines and is a modernized version of Il-114 turboprop aircraft. In particular, it is aimed to replace foreign aircraft of the same class at home airlines (ATR-42, ATR-72, Q400) and old types of An-24/An-26 aircraft. For successful fulfilment by a crew of its tasks Il-114-300 is equipped with a digital flight and navigation complex, ensuring take-offs and landings under weather conditions corresponding to category II of ICAO.

Appliance of modern scientific and technical developments in Il-114-300 design for provision of the required level of aerodynamic and weight prowess of the aircraft and the power plant is aimed to ensure the high efficiency level of the aircraft.