Ilyushin Aviation Complex at «Army-2017» forum

30 August 2017
SVT_873.jpgIlyushin Aviation Complex sums up its participation in the largest in Russia International Military and Technical Forum «Army-2017». The forum was conducted from 22 to 27 of September in the «Patriot» park at the aerodrome in Kubinka (Moscow region) and many other platforms all around the country. It attracted more than 700 thousand visitors and delegations from 65 countries.

Ilyushin Aviation Complex, the head enterprise of the Transport Division of the United Aircraft Corporation, demonstrated mock-ups of «IL»aircraft in a new UAC demonstration centre in the «Patriot» park.

The guests could see:
– the newest IL-76MD-90A heavy military and transport aircraft (modernised version of the IL-76MD production aircraft),
– light IL-112D (new generation aircraft that is to replace «AN»-type transport aircraft),
– multipurpose transport aircraft (MTA) developed as part of Russian and Indian project.

Visitors of the aerodrome in Kubinka were able to see real flying «IL»aircraft: military and transport IL-76MD, modernised IL-20 radio electronic reconnaissance and warfare aircraft, and the newest version of IL-38N anti-submarine aircraft.

The «Army»forum included not just the exhibition part, but also a busy research and business program. PJSC «IL»has concluded an agreement with the Federal Fiscal Enterprise (FFE) «Aleksinsky Chemical Factory”: the enterprises will carry out joint research and development projects, including those which concern the interests of the military-industrial sector of Russia. Aleksinsky Chemical Factory will render Ilyushin Aviation Complex organisational, research, and technical help in obtaining samples of new materials, rubber technical items, development models of components, and will also consult the specialists of the UAC Transport Division on their application.

Furthermore, Ilyushin Aviation Complex will support young technology entrepreneurs and designers. It was also announced at the forum that PJSC «IL» would partner with RVC Infrafund duringSVT_8697.jpg developing «Double technologies»strategy within the framework of the «GenerationS» Federal acceleration start-up. The new cross-branch track will unite developers of solutions in the field of civil technologies that may be applicable in the defence domain. Ilyushin Aviation Complex will become a testing platform for these technologies.

An integral part of the business program is its official business meetings and discussions. Vice president for the transport aviation of PJSC «UAC», Director General of PJSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex Alexey Rogozin became a participant of the round table discussion named «Role of development institutes in the diversification of the military-industrial sector enterprises for the purposes of the country military security», organised by RVC Infrafund.

Specialists of PJSC «IL», in their turn, participated in the discussion named «Employee pool of the military-industrial sector: effective forms of cooperation with educational institutions for the purposes of defensive capacity and security provision». The meeting was organised by the Russian Engineering Union and Moscow State Technical University «STANKIN».

Young specialists of Ilyushin Aviation Complex acquainted themselves with advanced developments of the UAC Transport Division enterprises and other representatives of the branch, participated in conferences and discussions.

«We have been cherishing the idea of young specialists participating in the «Army»international military and technical forum for a long time, and we are very glad that we managed to realize this idea in 2017», said deputy chairman of the Union of Young Specialists of Ilyushin Aviation Complex Dmitry Kashporov. «In the following years, I am sure, participation of the young specialists shall involve the business program, too. After all, the business program, among other things, is dedicated to the operation of «IL»aircraft and cooperation with State customers. This will, without fail, have a positive effect on the future professional activity of our young employees».

SVT_8696.jpgRepresentatives from 114 countries and military delegations from 65 countries have visited the forum and more than 700 thousand participants and guests have visited sites of «Army-2017». Many of them took an active interest in the products of the UAC Transport Division enterprises. These products can be in high demand at the huge market outlets.

«Army-2017»showed itself an irreplaceable platform for demonstration of modern developments to potential Russian and foreign customers. The next forum will take place in 2018 and is expected to be even more ambitious, with a high level of international attendance. The UAC Transport Division enterprises will be able to present their latest developments and solutions in the field of military transport aircraft design.