Ilyushin Offers its Congratulations upon Russian Air Force Day

20 August 2017
On the third Sunday of August, Air Force Day is celebrated in Russia. We offer our congratulations to pilots, aircraft designers, and all aircraft manufacture workers! Thanks to you, Russian combat, transport, and passenger aircraft rise to the sky.

Air Force Day was established in 1933 as a professional holiday of manufacturers, test engineers and pilots of civil and military aviation equipment. At first it was commemorated on the 18th day of August, but since 1970s, they have begun celebrating it on the third Sunday of August.

Ilyushin personnel is proud of the fact that IL-type aircraft contribute to the missions faced by the air fleet of this country.

During the time of the Great Patriotic War, the pilots protected the country on IL-2 and IL-10 attack planes and on IL-4 long-range bombers. In the aftermath of the war, our borders were protected by IL-28 jet bomber. Special-purpose aircraft also play an indispensable role, above all IL-38 antisubmarine aircraft, IL-20 special reconnaissance aircraft, and IL-78 refuelling aircraft.

In 1971, the first Soviet jet-propelled military-transport aircraft – Il-76 – performed its flight. The aircraft was developed under the supervision of an outstanding aircraft designer, Genrikh V. Novozhilov. In 1974, IL-76 aircraft entered operational service, and became a main aircraft of the military and and transport aviation for many years.

Ilyushin workers also made a large contribution to the development of indigenous passenger aircraft. In 1943, in war time, Ilyushin Experimental Design Bureau began the development of IL-12 passenger aircraft. In August 1945, the aircraft undertook its first flight. Ever since then, in various years, IL-type aircraft became flagships of civil aviation. Among them are IL-18 turboprop, IL-62 long-range turbojet, and IL-86 wide-body aircraft. IL-96-300 is used as a presidential jet.

Throughout 84 years, Ilyushin people have created more than 120 aircraft types of various modifications; production facilities have manufactured more than 60 thousand IL-type aircraft. They are distinguished by simplicity of design, production effectiveness, high reliability, long service life, convenient piloting and maintenance.

In 2017, Ilyushin Aviation Complex became a leading company of the United Aicraft Corporation transport division, having undertaken a qualitatively new task, i.e. the development of the Russian military and transport aviation.