Ilyushin and Russian Navy: IL Aircraft Take Part in Russian Navy Day Parade

01 August 2017
On Sunday, 30 July, thousands of people on the quays of Saint-Petersburg and millions of viewers of the live broadcast watched IL aircraft during the main parade in honour of the Russian Navy Day. During a trip on the Neva River, a pair of antisubmarine IL-38N aircraft flew in the sky of Saint-Petersburg. These aircraft are famous submarine «chasers», a pride of Russian aircraft production, a legend of the naval aviation. They were accompanied by an IL-78 refuelling aircraft.

Throughout its almost 85-year history, Ilyushin has created a whole series of outstanding aircraft for the naval aviation, including IL-2 attack planes.

IL-38 aircraft were produced specifically for the needs of the Navy. They became necessary in the 1950s as a response to the threat of deployment of atomic submarines with ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads by a potential adversary. On 18 June 1960, the Сouncil of Ministers of the USSR adopted a resolution for development of an antisubmarine defence long-range IL-38 aircraft with «Berkut» radio hydro acoustic system on the platform of IL-18 aircraft. The first flight of IL-38 experimental model was performed on 28 September 1961. In December 1967, the first production aircraft was constructed. In 1969, they became part of the Northern fleet at the Kipelovo airfield.

IL-38N with four turboprop engines, which participated in the 2017 parade, are highly modernised aircraft with advanced electrical systems. They can perform tasks of patrol, search and destruction of submarines and surface ships (with the use of increased, compared to the basic IL-38, nomenclature of armament), radio electronic surveillance of above-water and air targets, mine laying, search and rescue on the water, and ecology monitoring of the water surface.

The participants and viewers of the parade in Saint-Petersburg witnessed the pride of the Russian naval aviation.

On July 30, the first production modernised IL-38N participated in the parade. It was named after an aircraft designer of Ilyuhsin Experimental Design Bureau – Rady Papkovsky.

Modernised IL-38N are a significant contribution of Ilyushin to the defence capacity of Russia.