PJSC «IL» holds a competition of rubber powered aircraft models for young specialists and employer sponsored students

20 July 2017
IMG_3827.JPGThe competition was organized by the Educational Institutions Cooperation Department of PJSC «IL» together with the young specialists union in order to help its participants develop creative skills in the area of model engineering and technical design and to promote sport aeromodelling hobby. Six models designed by three teams and three independent participants took part in the competition. The competition was opened nevertheless the strong side wing. Sunny weather favoured the competition. Audience for the event consisted of students undergoing training in PJSC «IL», young specialists and employees of the enterprise.

Winners and prize holders of the contest were awarded by Deputy General Director of Tashkent Aviation Factory from the period of 1996 to 2006 and now the counsellor of Deputy General Director for Human Resources and Administration of «IL» PJSC - Doctor of Engineering Science, professor Vadim Petrovich Kucherov.

During the awarding ceremony Vadim Petrovich said that «aeromodelling and a real aircraft design are not far away from each other» and wished the employer-sponsored students and young designers to have creative success, new victories and high-flight thinking.

All the prize places were taken by the young specialists from PJSC «IL»: first place by Oleg Butarev, second place by the team «ASK MAI» represented by Aleksei Lagunov and Nikita Zemlyansky, third place by Stanislav Baranov.

Supervisor for the flights at the contest was its initiator Kirill Orekhov - 5th year student of MAI (National Research University), leader of the profession-oriented group of PJSC «IL» of the 1st faculty of MAI (NRU), leader of the Students Club of PJSC «IL», member of the Young Specialists Council.