PJSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex participates in the International aerospace show MAKS-2017

18 July 2017
Airshow in the city of Zhukovsky was opened by the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. After the official ceremony of opening he visited the united stand of PJSC «UAC» where he familiarized with the exposition of Ilyushin Aviation Complex and other companies of the UAC.

MAKS has actually moved to a new level and become an expected event for all enthusiasts of aviation and space engineering», - noted Vladimir Putin. «Development of aviation and space exploration have always been interesting for the Russian society. And I can say without doubt - it is a significant part of our common culture and the history of the Russian cosmonautics and aviation engineering is justifiably the subject of our national pride as well as the achievements of such outstanding designers as Korolyov, Polikarpov, Sukhoi, Tupolev, Ilyushin. Our actual task is to continue the traditions set up by them», - saluted Vladimir Putin the airshow participants.

Ilyushin Aviation Complex presented its advanced developments at MAKS-2017, including heavy military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A. The aircraft is demonstrated as the part of the static exposition of airborne vehicles.

A real star of the airshow - restored with the help of Ilyushin Aviation Complex to its flight worthiness legendary ground attack Il-2 aircraft of the period of the Great Patriotic War. M.M. Gromov Flight and Research Institute presents its flying laboratory Il-76LL, designed for flight tests of the advanced Russian aviation engine TV7-117ST that will be installed at Il-112V and Il-114-300 aircraft. Il-114LL participated in the flight program.

Besides that at the unified stand of PJSC «UAC» were presented models of a light military transport aircraft Il-112V, medium military transport aircraft MTS, heavy military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A, passenger carriers Il-114-300 and Il-96-400M.

Representatives of PJSC «IL» will participate in business program of airshow, undertake several meetings with actual and future customers and partners of «IL».
Ilyushin Aviation Complex will also participate in organization of the career expo for young specialists of aviation engineering branch and for the youngest visitors of MAKS-2017 playground will be organized.