General Director of «IL» PJSC Aleksei Rogozin awarded the winners of the professional contest for young specialists

17 July 2017
SVT_8676.jpgProfessional competition for young specialists was conducted at Ilyushin Aviation Complex and five categories were presented:

- design and production of aviation engineering;

- digital design and engineering analysis of aviation engineering;

- flight tests, certification, operation and backup service;

- information technologies;

- economics and management.

Also there was the contest of professional craftsmanship for «Worldskills» standards in «Engineering CAD Drawing».

SVT_8802.jpg On awarding ceremony General Director of «IL» PJSC Aleksei Rogozin quoted founder of the enterprise Sergey Ilyushin words that «there is no such thing that one can’t improve». He expressed his confidence that young specialists who make about one third of the employees of the company may be proud with the work at Ilyushin Aviation Complex - «company with history and future».

In order to foster young employees in accordance with the traditions of the enterprise, form high-qualified workforce and work reserves of «IL» PJSC the company conducts professional contests for young specialists. Every year number of participants of these contests increases persistently. Participation in such contests gives young specialists not only a push of career progress but additional motivation for development of professional and personal skills.

All the winners have been awarded with money rewards, diplomas, promotional gifts and tickets to the International aerospace show MAKS-2017.