Applicant’s Day» in «IL» PJSC

07 July 2017
SVT_8450.jpg July 07, 2017 traditionally was dedicated to the «Applicant’s Day» celebration in which participated representatives of the administration, community structures of the enterprise and applicants that are going to enter field oriented higher education institutions for obtaining education on the target curriculum from federal budget resources.

The meeting was opened with demonstration of the film about history of the enterprise, its founder S.V. Ilyushin, about «Il» aircraft and contemporary stages of the enterprise development. Future design engineers were addressed by Deputy General Director for Human Resources and Administration Y.K. Shaleev, Chief Designer for Advanced Projects - Chief of the Detailed Design Bureau Martynov I.A., Deputy Chairman of Young Specialists Union Kashporov D.N., Chief of MAI Training and Job Employment Department Kalugin A.V. and leader of target training group of the 4th year of the 1st faculty of MAI Kornienko N.A.

Each spokesperson told about what is expected from future students at the enterprise.

Deputy General Director for Human Resources and Administration Y.K. Shaleev told that number of new projects at the enterprise increases continuously. Demand for new specialists grows up not only in the field of design, but also in the field of information technologies.

Future specialists of «IL» PJSC receive not only the solid theoretical training, but also they learn basics of the future profession on practice.

SVT_8271.jpgEducational Institutions Cooperation Department of «IL» PJSC together with deans of profession-oriented faculties of MAI carries out many collaborative works on organization of all type of trainings for profession-oriented students. We assigned more than 100 students to undergo practical training this year and today «IL» PJSC is on of the main partners of MAI in the area of training of specialists», - told Kalugin A.V.

«IL» PJSC has a big social package», - informed Y.K. Shaleev, - «Including financial assistance of junior specialists. Motivation program was developed and functions at the present time that will allow accumulating financial reserves at a private pension fund».

From 2012 «IL» PJSC participates in the state program of specialists training for military and industrial complex organizations. Profession-oriented programs are carried out not only in leading Moscow higher education institutions, but also in regional higher education institutions such as Voronezh State Technical University and Uliyanovsk State Technical University.

This year the current of future «IL» specialists is increased. 120 future students have obtained assignments for entry higher education institutions.

Program for profession-oriented assignment of students to higher education institutions provides variety of advantages:

- enrolment of applicants to state funded places according to allocated quotas;

- opportunity to get additional scholarship allowances from an enterprise;

- opportunity to work at an enterprise during the course of education at an individual schedule with acquiring job experience;

- engagement in education, production and undergraduate training at «IL» PJSC;

- presentation of materials for diploma works on topics concerning the enterprise;

- guaranteed employment on a speciality to «IL» PJSC after graduation;

Junior Specialists Union awaits for activity and initiative.

SVT_8412.jpg«The enterprise may suggest young specialists good conditions both for improvement of professional skills and self-fulfilment. «We have mentorship program, science and technical conferences, seminars, creativity competitions. Besides, we widely participate in mass cultural and sport events. All this conduces to a professional growth and creative development of young specialists», - told Kashporov D.N.

«This day is a finalization of the big and meticulous work of our employees on creation of workforce capacity for young people at our enterprise», - summed up chief of the department Pozdnyakov A.A.

A commemorative group photo with the monument of Il-2 on the background was made after the official part.

Specialists from Educational Institutions Cooperation Department accomplished a big volume of works on realization of the state plan of training of specialists for defence and industry complex for the federal budget means.