Future «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» PJSC specialists undertake an internship at the enterprise

03 July 2017
004.JPG A student internship organized by the Educational Institutions Cooperation Department started at «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» PJSC. This summer 129 of interns will undergo training at «IL» PJSC.

During the first meeting at the enterprise students were presented with the opportunity to communicate personally with Deputy General Director of Tashkent Aviation Factory from the period of 1996 to 2006 and now the counsellor of Deputy General Director for Human Resources and Administrative Control of «IL» PJSC - Doctor of Engineering Science, professor Vadim Petrovich Kucherov.

In his commencement address the merited aircraft engineer Vadim Petrovich congratulated students on completion of summer sessions: «Today «IL» is not only the design bureau, today our enterprise includes aircraft factories. «Specialists from Ilyushin Aviation Complex bear a great responsibility: we are in charge for everything - drawing release, manufacturing a development model of an aircraft, flight tests and serial production of aircraft. I see the audience today and my soul is rejoicing! In 2012 there were only 12 students and today it is the whole team with which we can work! The team that will appear to replace our veterans!»

Students were divided by production departments, junior students will be introduced with the course of lectures on the enterprise subjects, there will be introductory courses on 3D-modelling, senior students who have already completed their training will work on real tasks of Experimental Design Bureau during the course of their internship.

Work with students - one of the priority tasks of the enterprise. Practice is an integral part of education process that completes knowledge received in institutes. Such events let students to come to join the personnel not only as graduates, but also as qualified specialists!

Students undergo their training at a practical production. The course of trainings also includes lectures on «Il» model aircraft, their properties, operation and design.