Il-2 aircraft restored with the help of «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» OJSC has made its first flight

16 June 2017
BOR12504_resize.jpg Instaurators have given the second life to the legendary ground-attack aircraft Il-2 dating back to the time of the Great Patriotic War by restoring it to its flight worthiness. For today this aircraft is the second functional Il-2 in the world.

With support from «UAC» PJSC and «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» OJSC Fund for contribution to the historical military aircraft preservation «Winged Memory of Victory» has carried out the project for restoration works on the historical aircraft. Instauration works of the aircraft were performed in Novosibirsk, first stage at «Aviarestavratsiya» LLC workshops and then at the territory of S.A. Chaplygin Siberian Science and Research Aviation Institute (SibNIA).

During its first flight the aircraft was piloted by the Director of S.A. Chaplygin SibNIA test pilot Vladimir Barsuk.

«The legendary Il-2 is in the sky again, its restoration project has been successfully accomplished. Now we can see personally the aircraft on which our grandfathers fought during the war», - said Director General of «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» OJSC Aleksei Rogozin.

The reinvigorated aircraft is now having an ambitious program of demonstration flights first of which shall take place on the V International Forum of Technological Development «Tekhnoprom-2017» in Novosibirsk. Then in July it is planned to show the aircraft at MAKS-2017 airshow in Zhukovsky.

The aircraft was found in December of 2011 on the bottom of Krivoe Lake in Murmansk region. Search and hoist of the ground attack aircraft were carried out with joint efforts of search and investigation groups «FROM» and «IKAR», «Winged Memory of Victory» Fund and relatives of the pilot who handled Il-2 during its last fight.

Historians have found out that on November 25, 1943 due to damages suffered after the air fight Il-2 of the 46th ground attack wing of the North Fleet Air Force didn’t make it to the aerodrome and force-landed on the frozen lake. Crew commander junior lieutenant Valentin Skopintsev and air gunner of the Red Navy Vladimir Gumyonny had got out of the aircraft which flunked under ice and sank some time after.