State flight tests started for Il-76MD-M aircraft

14 June 2017
Ил-76МДМ.jpgThe first development model of the modernized heavy military transport aircraft Il-76MD-M has fulfilled its first flight as part of the stage of state joint tests, which «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» OJSC conducted together with the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

The flight that continued for more than six hours was made the day before from the aerodrome of the M.M. Gromov Flight Research Institute in the city of Zhukovsky that is located near Moscow. The aircraft was piloted by the joint crew of test pilots of «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» OJSC and V.P. Chkalov State Flight and Research Centre of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. Crew commander was merited test pilot of the Russian Federation Dmitry Komarov.

«Start of the state joint tests stage is very important event for us. Modernization of construction of Il-76MD aircraft which has proved its reliability shall prolong its term of service in military transport aviation, increase its combat effectiveness and allow to get ready for massive switch over to new Il-76MD-90A», - told Director General of «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» OJSC Aleksei Rogozin.

Il-76MD-M aircraft is the modernization project for type Il-76MD aircraft, developed by «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» OJSC pursuant to the tactical and technical tasks, approved by Aerospace Forces of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation in order to modernize the existing fleet of heavy military transport aircraft Il-76MD and tanker aircraft Il-78 and Il-78M.

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» OJSC have concluded the contract for modernization of the first production run of Military Transport Aviation aircraft of Aerospace Forces of Russia Il-76MD to the level of Il-76MD-M. Modernization project includes installation of new navigation system and replacement of the equipment such as lighting, airdropping and landing, defence and communication. A new electrooptical vision system that works both in optical and infrared ranges will be installed in the nose part of the aircraft. During the course of modernization were used aggregates unified with the advanced military and transport aircraft Il-76MD and tanker aircraft Il-78M-90A. Life service of the aircraft is increased.

Whereas state joint tests of Il-76MD-90A are to be finished in 2019. In fact, the aircraft is already operated by the military simultaneously with the tests.