Head of Ilyushin Aviation Complex Aleksei Rogozin: A Time for Mobilisation Has Come

29 May 2017
002.jpgHaving turned into a leading enterprise of the transport division of the United Aircraft Corporation, Ilyushin Aviation Complex has set up a qualitatively new mission in the aviation development, and a time for mobilisation has come, the recently appointed general director of Ilyushin and vice-president of the UAC for transport aviation Aleksei Rogozin said during the first general meeting with the personnel.

The gathering took place in a crowded conference hall, which could not seat all those who wanted to attend, and Aleksei Rogozin immediately proposed to hold the next regular meeting at the place where a real life of aircraft designers runs – in a workshop, literally under the aircraft wing. The new director was introduced to the employees by honoured chief designer of Ilyushin, twice Hero of Socialist Labour Genrikh V. Novozhilov, who pointed out that now Rogozin had been brought into the fold of the Complex not only formally, but also symbolically.

«Ilyushin working style means producing in a simple, reliable, and long-lived manner», said the legendary aircraft designer in his valediction. He urged Rogozin to adhere to these principles, which had already been followed by the enterprise for more than 80 years.

In his turn, Aleksei Rogozin told the attendees about a new role which is assumed by the enterprise in the transport aviation division of the UAC, which, besides Ilyushin, comprised a whole series of companies, including Aviastar-SP factory in Ulyanovsk, VASO factory in Voronezh, and Myasishchev Experimental Engineering Plant in Zhukovsky.

The general director emphasised that now the responsibility for the product output is shared by everyone.

«I am charging [the aviation complex] to develop a system for collection, analysis, and introduction of labour-saving initiatives, including those related to procedural organisation in general, not just the technological processes. I emphasise one again, processes for the sake of results, not just for having something to do. Going home on time according to the operating schedule is also understandable, but now a time for mobilisation has come», Aleksei Rogozin said.

He highlighted key programmes laid on the Ilyushin aircraft designers and noted that the number of those programmes is as large as ever.

He concluded his speech with a reminder about the upcoming Military and Transport Aviation Day, which is celebrated on the 1st of June. The future of the military and transport aviation in many ways depends on the efforts which are to be made by the transport division of the UAC and Ilyushin. Colonel Mikhail Kozlov, chief engineer and second-in-command of the military and transport aviation, echoed this idea.

«It’s been only two months since Aleksei Rogozin took charge of the transport division, but a huge amount of work in terms of cooperation with the military and transport aviation has already been done. Aleksei Dmitriyevich [Rogozin] and his new team have already visited most of our airfields, seen all types of aircraft, spoken with the flight and engineering crew. And they not only ask what problems exist, but they are also already beginning to solve them», Mikhail Kozlov said.

Finishing the meeting, Aleksei Rogozin thanked all the attendees, expressed hope for understanding and support, and suggested that such meetings should become regular. He also urged to bring back the Ilyushin aircraft into the Russian sky.

«Let’s be honest about what we can and what we cannot do, and, most importantly, let’s propose solutions. Today it is the key issue. We certainly don’t have the time for warming up, today we must create a promising image of our company. I call it IL-2.0. It is actually a modification programme which will respect the best of our traditions. We want to bring IL aircraft back into the sky. We want our aircraft to fly. Not Brazilian aircraft, not Swedish, not Italian, but ours. We are an aviation power», concluded the new director of Ilyushin.