Aleksei Rogozin: VASO to Assist in Creating a «Greater Ilyushin»

05 June 2017
Aleksei Rogozin, general director of Ilyushin Aviation Complex (IL OJSC), has conducted the first meeting with the collective of the Voronezh Joint-Stock Aircrfat Manufacture Company (VASO PJSC) and has spoken about the top-priority goals of the company development since its entry into the transport division of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC).

Aleksei Rogozin reminded that the new UAC division, besides the Voronezh aircraft factory, included Avistar-SP JSC, Myasishchev Experimental Plant OJSC, and IL OJSC as the managing company of the holding. According to Rogozin, today all efforts of these companies should be aimed at creating conditions for a successful long-term development.

«We are a united team and we view our future as a unity. We want to learn from each other, share our experiences with other divisions of the UAC. But, most importantly, we want to become a «greater Ilyushin»; we want the IL aircraft back in the sky». That is how he defined the mission of the division.
The vice-president of the UAC pointed out that the reinforcement of the dialogue between the companies should begin with engagement of a larger number of Ilyushin designers in working at the Voronezh plant. For this purpose, he ordered to prepare proposals regarding the establishment of the Council of chief designers and chief technologists of the companies of the UAC transport division. Aleksei Rogozin believes that this measure will help regulate the horizontal communication within the division.

In addition, he highlighted the importance of the application of labour-saving initiatives arising in the workshops to production. From Rogozin’s perspective, the key role in this endeavour should be played by the youth. «They [the young people] should be nominated for senior positions, including the key ones. They should prove, with their hard work and diligence, that they are able to manage processes, to make decisions, take responsibility for them», he said.

Concluding his speech, Aleksei Rogozin urged the Voronezh aircraft designers to a constant cooperation and suggested that meetings with the collective should become regular.
«Let’s draw our conclusions and move forward. Let’s remember for the sake of whom we work: for the sake of the military personnel who bear the burden of responsibility for our Motherland, for the common passengers who fly our airplanes. We must reshape our work, set aside the current differences. We are an aviation power», Aleksei Rogozin summed up.