IL OJSC Congratulates Aviators of Russian EMERCOM upon their Professional Holiday

10 May 2017
The aviation of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, one of the principal operators of IL aircraft, celebrates the 22th anniversary of its foundation.

Today, the 10th of May, is the Day of Russian EMERCOM Aviation. On that very day in 1995, the State unitary aviation enterprise of the Russian EMERCOM was established, though aviation subdivisions existed in the field even before.

The main goal of the EMERCOM Aviation is providing emergency air transport for the purposes of the Ministry in case of large-scale accidents and disasters. The aviation is responsible for timely despatch of rescuers, medics, equipment, and gear to the emergency location, search and rescue works, including aerial reconnaissance of the terrain, evacuation of the victims, as well as aerial salvage operations directly related to the elimination of the consequences of the accident.

As part of the international activities of the Ministry, the aviation participates in delivery of humanitarian aid and other crucial cargoes to foreign countries and in evacuation of Russian and CIS citizens from hot spots. Nowadays the aviation of the ministry consists of 55 aircraft. They include heavy IL-76TD assault aircraft. If necessary, they can be retrofitted into fire fighting planes by installing two airborne gas sprayers (VAP-2), which can hold 42,000 litres of water and fire-extinguishing liquid.
The specialists of the Russian EMERCOM Aviation have developed and successfully put into practice unique aviation technologies of life saving, aerial fire extinguishing, ice jam, flood, and oil spill control.

IL OJSC congratulates all the employees of Russian EMERCOM Aviation upon their professional holiday! It has been proven more than once that today no life-saving task in emergency situations is accomplished without the participation of the EMERCOM Aviation. This is the foundation on which the mobility and efficacy of rescuers is based!