OJSC «Il» young specialists congratulate polar pilot Vodopyanov’s grandchildren on Polar Explorer’s Day

19 May 2017
на новость.jpgRepresentatives of the OJSC «Il» Council of Young Specialists met with the grandchildren of the famous polar pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union Mikhail Vodopyanov, who was the first to land at the North Pole.

Polar Explorer’s Day is celebrated in Russia to commemorate the start of work of the world's first polar research drifting station SP-1, which was delivered to the North Pole on May 21, 1937. Mikhail Vodopyanov, Hero of the Soviet Union, was the commander of the flight detachment, which carried out the transportation of the station.

The pilot’s grandchildren Alexander and Maria Vodopyanova came before the holiday for the solemn evening, held in the Moscow House of Officers. A young Ilyushin specialist, Alexander Kamalin, who represented the aviation complex at the meeting, presented Maria Vodopyanova with a gift photograph of one of the Ilyushin aircraft, inextricably linked to the history of the sky exploration in the Arctic Antarctic regions.

At the party they also remembered two other legendary flights, which this year will reach their 80th anniversary: the first ever non-stop flights from the USSR to the USA by the crews of Valery Chkalov and Mikhail Gromov.

The long and successful operation of Ilyushin aircraft in the northern regions began on May 6, 1948, when a group of three Il-12 under the command of Major Ivan Sevastyanov landed on the North Pole. These airplanes also proved to be excellent in Antarctica: on February 25, 1956 the crew of the outstanding polar pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Cherevichny performed the first reconnaissance flight on the Il-12 to the southern geomagnetic pole of the Earth.

The Il-14 and Il-18 aircraft were successfully operated in the Arctic and Antarctic conditions, they made an invaluable contribution to the history of polar research. The Il-76 to this day carry out air transportation and come to rescue in emergencies in these regions.