OJSC «Il» develops cooperation with Transport Aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces

29 April 2017
ОАО Ил The Commander of the Military Transport Aviation of the Russian Air Force, Honored Military Pilot of the Russian Federation, the sniper pilot, Lieutenant General Vladimir Benediktov, together with UAC Vice President for Transport Aviation Alexey Rogozin, visited the branch of OJSC «Il» in Zhukovsky where they inspected the progress of the enterprise in the field of military transport aviation programs.

Vladimir Benediktov and Alexey Rogozin also visited JSC «Myasishchev Design Bureau», where they looked at promising aerospace technology projects.

OJSC «Il» management reported on the progress of prototypes tests of the advanced heavy military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A, the modernized heavy military transport Il-76MD-M, and the performance of scheduled works on the military transport aircraft Il-76M (MD).

During the visit, the leaders visited the production sites of the branch, including the hangar, where the process of upgrading the first aircraft to the level of Il-76MD-M was demonstrated.

Il-76MD-M is a modernization project for the Il-76MD-type aircraft, developed by OJSC «Il», according to the tactical and technical assignment approved by the Russian Aerospace Forces of the Ministry of Defense in order to modernize the fleet of heavy military transport aircraft Il-76MD, and Il-78 and Il-78M fuel tankers.

According to the modernization project, the aircraft was fitted with a new flight navigation complex, lighting, airdropping and transport equipment, and utility equipment, as well as defense and communication facilities. The nose section hosts an optical-electronic sighting system, which works both in infrared and in optical range. During the modernization there were used aggregates, unified with the advanced transport IL-76MD-90A and the refueling IL-78M-90A. The service life of the aircraft has been increased.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and Ilyushin Aviation Complex signed a contract for the modernization of the first batch of the Russian Aerospace Forces transport aircraft of Il-76MD to the Il-76MD-M.

Following the overview of the work progress and production processes of OJSC «Il», there was held a working meeting, dedicated to the cooperation prospects of Ilyushin Aviation Complex and the Military Transport Aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces.