Il-76MD-90A proved its structural characteristics

21 February 2017
Heavy military transport Il-76MD-90A aircraft has underwent wing panel static strength tests that proved the claimed static strength characteristics. Specialists of Zhukovsky Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute performed the works in life tests laboratory.

The following tests were performed: fatigue tests with assigned-life 8000 flight cycles and static tests with maximum operational structural load.

The experimental data obtained ensured prove of design prediction model developed by «Il» OJSC specialists. This ensured proving of structural characteristics with design loads exceeding operational maximums up to 150%.

During the tests, specialists of Zhukovsky Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute stated that Il-76MD-90A aircraft complies with all claimed characteristics in both static strength and structural durability sufficient for initial life assigning as per fatigue conditions.

The difference of Il-76MD-90A from its predecessors is usage of prolonged panels and load-holding fastenings in wing design – that allows for significant increase in structural durability and ensuring of fuel tanks air-tightness, as well as decrease of wing manufacturing work labour input. The aircraft is made of modern materials – aluminum alloys with enhanced fatigue, static strength and crack resistance characteristics.

Up to date heavy military transport Il-76MD-90A aircraft are serially produced at Ulyanovsk «Aviastar-SP» plant.