«Il» OJSC installing development model of cockpit procedure trainer for Il-112V aircraft

22 February 2017
«Il» OJSC has started works on installation of the development model of cockpit procedure trainer that is to play an important role in preparation of the first flight of new-generation Il-112V light military transport aircraft. The given simulator ensures exercising in wide range of flying tasks and simulation of onboard systems operation.

«The simulator under consideration is experimental. All the technical solutions used for its development and tested during its operation are to be used for the development of the real cockpit procedure training. The mathematical model for aircraft flight and operation of its systems is based on calculations and data received at bench tests and wind-tunnel simulations,» Director of Il-112 Program Department, Dmitry Savelyev said.

The simulator is comprised of test bench presenting Il-112V cockpit, environment visualization system and computing system. The pilots trained to fly the aircraft receive assistance of the instructor who has a separate workstation out of the cockpit.

The newly developed training system ensures simulation of airfield taxing, takeoff and climbing, en-route flight and approach for landing. Moreover, the pilots can be trained visual and instrument flying with the full operational range of altitude and speed values.

«Given simulator is a constituent part of technical training aids suite that includes also full-flight simulator and training class. Development of the training aids suite is a part of the state contract. In future training aids suite is to play a significant role in aircrew and technical specialists’ training system,» Dmitry Savelyev added.

The trainer is developed by «Center for Scientific and Technical Services «Dinamika» JSC. Its specialists are supervising the trainer installation processes.

The works on Il-112V project are performed as per the state contract for research and development of light military transport aircraft. The contract is signed in between the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and «Il» OJSC. The light transport Il-112V aircraft with payload up to 5 tons is designed for transportation of personnel, military equipment, various types of armory and other cargoes, as well as for airdrop tasks performing. Il-112V will become a successor for the obsolescent An-26 aircraft fleet.