75th anniversary of aircraft designer Valery Abramov’s birthday

08 February 2017
Абрамов В.И. ОАО Ил February 8, 2017 marked the 75th anniversary of the birthday of aircraft designer Valery Ivanovich Abramov, USSR State Prize laureate (08.02.1942 – 30.04.2009).

Valery Abramov was born in the city of Petropavlovsk. He began his working life in 1959 as a milling machine operator at Khrunichev plant. In 1964, after finishing his studies at Moscow Aviation Technological Institute he joined Ilyushin Design Bureau.

Abramov worked as an engineer-designer, chief of a brigade of the Bureau department. In 1975 he took over the joint department of strength, which included the strength groups of the wing, fuselage and tail. Since 1984 he was Deputy Chief Designer of OJSC «Il», in 1993 Abramov was appointed Chief Designer. From 2004 to 2009, he was Deputy General Designer for projects and strength.

He was involved in the development of all Ilyushin aircraft, starting with Il-62.

Under his leadership, the Design Bureau carried out a radical reorganization of the strength and life service, focusing on the use of computers at all stages of design and aircraft airworthiness support in operation. Their group developed and introduced modern methods for calculating the stress-strain state on finite-element airframe models. They also worked out new methods for calculating the detailed strength of thin-walled beams (spars, ribs, etc.) and carried out static and life tests of Il-76MD, Il-86, Il-96, Il-114 aircraft.

Abramov had a number of author's certificates.

In 1989 he won the State Prize of the USSR for development of methods and creation of a system ensuring the life of aviation equipment. Abramov held the title of Honored Inventor of the USSR. He was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor, the medal «In Memory of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow» and the «Honorary Aircraft Constructor» badge.