OJSC «Il» concludes a contract for development of the upgraded passenger Il-96-400M

08 February 2017
Ilyushin Aviation Complex and United Aircraft Corporation signed a contract for performance of development work to create a modernized passenger aircraft Il-96-400M.

In addition to development work, the program includes setting up of serial production, development and implementation of a government support system for aircraft sales by leasing companies, and the development and introduction of after-sales service system.

The creation of the Il-96-400M aircraft will contribute to solving the problems of transport accessibility for the Russian regions, satisfying the need for home-produced long-range aircraft, as well as the technological independence of the Russian Federation.

The wide-body long-range passenger aircraft Il-96-400M is created as a further development of the Il-96-300 aircraft.

The fuselage of the airliner will be extended by 9.65 meters, the PS-90A power plantы will be replaced by the more powerful PS-90A1, which will improve fuel efficiency.

The Il-96-400M will be able to take on board up to 390 passengers. The large diameter of the fuselage give passengers a modern level of comfort in long flights. The passenger cabin will be equipped with contemporary information and entertainment system providing access to the Internet, television and satellite communications, as well as convenient luggage racks and modern kitchen equipment.

It is planned to equip the aircraft with a modern flight-navigation complex, which will enable the Il-96-400M to meet all ICAO requirements for aircraft of this size.

Serial production of Il-96-400M will be deployed at Voronezh Aircraft Production Association.

In terms of reliability, safety and economy, the Il-96-400M is on par with the world's analogues.

Aerodynamic configuration, design and airplane systems employ modern design solutions which ensure high level of safety and fuel efficiency of the aircraft in operation.

The terms of the contract provide for the manufacturing of a prototype Il-96-400M for flight tests. The first flight is planned for 2019.