«Il» OJSC congratulates Navy Pacific Fleet airmen on anniversary

04 April 2017
Naval Aviation of the Pacific Fleet celebrates its 85th anniversary.

On April 4, 1932, Naval Aviation Division was founded in Headquarters of Far East Naval Forces. The Pacific Fleet Aviation underwent its baptism by fire in August 1938 during the ferocious Battle of Lake Hasan. Pacific Fleet pilots honorably carried out an order to defeat militaristic Japan. Ilyushin Design Bureau aircraft played a significant role in Soviet-Japanese War. The acts of war started on August 9, 1945, when Il-4 bomber aircraft bombed ports Rasin and Seishin and attacked Japanese ships with torpedoes. Il-10 attack aircraft accompanied the given bombers. Pacific Fleet Air Forces put down more than 30 transport vessels, 2 destroyers, and 4 tank vessels during the war period.

Eight military units were converted to guards units, and two divisions and three regiments were entitled with honorifics for their courage, gallantry and service in battle. Fifteen pilots became Heroes of the Soviet Union.

During post-war period, Il-28, Il-14, Il-18, and ASW Il-38 aircraft were in service in Pacific Fleet Aviation.

Today the Naval Aviation of the Pacific Fleet is comprised of fighters, ASW, transport and special-purpose aircraft based at airfields in Primorsky, Khabarovsky and Kamchatsky Krais (provinces).

In 2015 ASW Il-38N aircraft modernized by Ilyushin Aviation Complex entered service. The new target search and track system «Novella-P-38» ensures successful execution of such tasks as patrolling, search and engagement of submarines (using the enlarged range of weaponry in comparison with basic Il-38), radio monitoring of surface and air targets, mine planting, sea search and rescue operations, as well as sea surface ecological monitoring.

The Pacific Fleet pilots honorably carry on combat traditions of war pilots. On everyday basis, the fleet aviation subdivisions perform the tasks on search and rescue, special groups and marine infantry landing operations, aerial surveillance for fleet, tests of state-of-the-art weaponry and military vehicles, as well as air transportation of military personnel. Moreover, the Naval Aviation crews perform combat training tasks on search and tracking of simulated adversary submarines, as well as training in bombing and firing aerial sea and ground targets.

ОАО ИлIn 2016 total flight hours number of Pacific Fleet Naval Aviation crews increased by 10 % in comparison with 2015 and exceeded 7 000 flight hours. The fleet pilots have performed approximately 300 ASW operations, more than 200 bombing operations, about 100 torpedo launches, more than 80 mine-planting operations, and a number of guided missile launches at various targets. The crews have also performed more than 500 military personnel landing operations up to 10 000 people.

According to results of 2016, the pilots of the Pacific Fleet Naval Aviation are acknowledged the best in the fields of ASW support, air combat operations and training tasks on mine planting and were awarded with prizes of Naval Commander-in-Chief.

The best aircrew of ASW Il-38 aircraft was awarded at the high-profile award ceremony of naval aircrew training competition «Morskoy As’2016» with a mock-up of modernized Il-38N aircraft «Rady Papkovsky» handed in on behalf of Ilyushin Aviation Complex by test pilot of «Il» OJSC, Honoured Test Pilot of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Irinarkhov.

The aircrew of Pacific Fleet Aviation Il-38 aircraft (Elizovo airbase, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) under the command of Captain Alexander Friedrich became a winner in the given competition.