OJSC «Il» General Director Advisor Victor Mishin turns 80

02 March 2017
Мишин В.И. ОАО Ил On March 3, 2017, Viktor Mishin, the winner of the awards of the USSR Council of Ministers and the Government of the Russian Federation, Advisor to OJSC «Il» General Director, celebrated his 80th birthday.

Victor Mishin was born on March 3, 1937 in Moscow. He began his career in 1953 as a technologist at the plant No. 30. From 1961 to the present day he works at Ilyushin Aviation Complex. He worked his way from technologist to Deputy Chief Designer of OJSC «Il». He is a clear example of dedication to his trade and enterprise, which is confirmed by 56 years of experience at OJSC «IL».

All his career is connected with the development of domestic aviation. Viktor Mishin was directly involved in development and serial production of the aircraft Il-62, Il-76, Il-86, Il-96, Il-103, Il-114, Il-112, Il-76MD-90A, as well as in numerous researches with leading industry institutes such as All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials, National Institute of Aviation Technologies, TsAGI, in the field of metals, composite materials, assembly methods; and creation on unique materials, technologies and equipment.

Mishin has 25 inventor’s certificates and two patents. From the array of works on the introduction of new materials and technologies into the design of «Il» aircraft one should point out the following:

- development and introduction of honeycomb aggregates from metal and polymeric composite materials and development of technologies for their repair;

- implementation of an innovative project for the introduction of long plates (up to 30 meters) into the Il-96 aircraft design and their serial production;

- introduction of composite materials in the construction of «Il» aircraft;

- development of new technological processes of assembling, machining, welding, shaping and others, allowing to reduce the labor input of manufacturing and to improve the quality and reliability of «Il» aircraft;

- development of digital technology for assembly of the IL-76MD-90A aircraft;

- development of new types of bolted, bolt-riveted and riveted joints of parts that increase the durability, corrosion resistance and tightness of the joint.

Viktor Mishin is an outstanding professional of the Russian aviation industry in the field of aviation technologies and materials. He has been involved in public activities and personnel training. From 1969 to 1980 he was the permanent chairman of the State Examination Board in Godovikov Aviation Technical School.

His fruitful work is recognized by high government awards. He is a laureate of the prizes of the USSR Council of Ministers and the Government of the Russian Federation, he was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and medals. He obtained the title of Honorary Aviation Worker Builder, Honorary Technologist of the Russian Federation, Veteran of Labor.

His broad outlook and proactive attitude allow Viktor Mishin to successfully implement various initiatives today for development of the enterprise, industry and the state.