IL OJSC Hosted Proficiency Enhancement of Moscow Aviation Institute Teaching Personnel

28 November 2016
MAI-3.jpgFor the first time, the Educational Institutions Department of IL OJSC organised a two-day proficiency enhancement training for the teaching personnel of the Social Engineering Faculty of the Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), held at the premises of IL OJSC for the purpose of improving the teachers’ expertise.

The teachers attended the speeches of the Ilyushin Aviation Complex employees, which dealt with organization of after-sales service of aeronautical equipment, business processes of the enterprise, instructional systems, youth policy, incentive and social support programs for young specialists.

The guests also familiarized themselves with the history of the legendary IL-type aircraft in the company’s museum. They learnt about the modern aircraft projects, which are being developed at IL OJSC, and witnessed the working process of the strength test laboratory facilities.

“We work hard to engage promising young people to our enterprise. Their working efficiency depends, among other things, on how close the instructional system in a higher education institution is to real tasks set before our enterprise. Thanks to the proficiency enhancement, we were able to acquaint the teaching personnel with the modern advances in the field of development control, modernization, aeronautical equipment testing, personnel management”, said Yuri Shaleyev, deputy general director for staff and administration.

Dmitry Kozorez, pro-vice-chancellor for academic affairs of the Moscow Aviation Institute, sent a letter of gratitude to the IL OJSC management, thanking all the staff of the Ilyushin Aviation Complex, who took part in the organisation and realisation of the proficiency enhancement, for a wonderful event. According to him, the acquired knowledge will be used in the learning process of the leading departments of the institute, which train engineering staff for aircraft manufacturing companies.

Ilyuishin Aviation Complex is in close cooperation with the Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University regarding targeted enrollment education programs.