Chief Pilot of GosNII GA, Hero of Russia Ruben Esayan Received Highest Award of IL OJSC – Ilyushin Medal of Honor

25 November 2016
фото ОАО "Ил"On 24 November 2016, the honored test pilot of the Russian Federation, Hero of Russia, and Director of the Flight Test Centre of the State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation (GosNII GA) Ruben T. Yesayan turned 70.

Ruben Yesayan was born on 24 November 1964 in the city of Yerevan (Armenia). As early as at 17 years old, being a member of a flying club, he got an aircraft up to the sky for the first time.

He graduated from Taran Sasovo Flight School of Civil Aviation, Leningrad Academy of Civil Aviation, and Gromov Test Pilot School of the Ministry of Aeronautical Industry of the USSR.

Yesayan worked in his capacity as pilot-in-command in the Civil Aviation Administration of the Armenian SSR.

In 1981-1984, while on secondment in Angola, he was the pilot in command of the aircraft of the Angolan minister of defence, and performed a large number of flights to combat areas of the civil war.

Yesayan tested a great deal of aircraft types and modifications, including IL-76MF, IL-96, IL-114.

Currently, together with the test pilots and specialists of IL OJSC, Ruben Yesayan participates in the test program of IL-76TD-90VD aircraft in Antarctica.

The team and management of IL OJSC wish Ruben Yesayan robust health, good spirits, well-being and luck in all his endeavours!

On the day of his anniversary, Ruben Yesayan was awarded the highest accolade of IL OJSC – Ilyushin Medal of Honour.

Background information.

Ilyushin Medal of Honour is the highest accolade of the Ilyushin Aviation Complex OJSC instituted to commemorate the 120th anniversary from the birthday of S.V. Ilyushin.

Medal of Honour is given to people who worked and are currently employed at IL OJSC, as well as employees of enterprises, organisations and agencies of the aviation industry of the Russian Federation, who made a considerable contribution to the development of aviation in Russia.