IL-112V Fuselage Assembly Completed Successfully at Aircraft Factory in Voronezh

24 November 2016
DSC07376_1.jpgVoronezh Joint-Stock Aircraft Manufacturing Company PJSC (VASO PJSC), in accordance with the design documentation developed by IL OJSC (both forming part of UAC PJSC), undertook a fuselage assembly of the first experimental model of light military and transportation IL-112V aircraft.

Thus, an important stage of aggregate assembling of the aircraft was completed.

“This is a significant milestone for the whole factory”, says Aleksandr Anokhin, deputy general director and technical director of VASO. “Intense work, in which almost all the production and engineering departments were involved, was finished successfully and on time, thanks to our responsible and highly qualified workers and specialists, many of whom are young people, of which I am very glad. A lot of work still lies ahead, and before the end of the year, we intend to undergo another important stage – coupling of the fuselage with the wing. The Voronezh aircraft factory has never let this country down, and we, on our part, will do whatever is required to fulfill the task set before us by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, i.e. to perform the first flight of IL-112 within the established time limits and, further-on, meet the requirements of the Russian Ministry of Defence for modern light military and transportation aircraft”.

Almost immediately after the installation of the fuselage units in the general assembly jig, the works in the compartment jigs started. They are aimed at assembly of a second experimental IL-112 designed for operational life and static tests.

“The experience gained with the first aircraft accelerated all the processes significantly”, says Nikolai Makeyev, preassembly workshop supervisor. “And, in general it is noteworthy that developments of Ilyushin design bureau are more easily producible, if you compare them with Antonov aircraft which required up to three weeks for units assembly. Here, we managed to finish within four-five days. Both the high design quality and the usage of electronic models contributed greatly to the cause. Speaking about the prospects, we are confident that within twelve months, using the newly formed production capacities, we will be able to manufacture twelve aircraft per year”.

“Within short timeframes, the specialists of VASO PJSC made great efforts to manufacture F1, F2, and F3 units of IL-112V aircraft in order to meet the deadline of the aircraft manufacture”, said Dimitry Saveliev, director of IL-112V program of IL OJSC. “The specialists of the Voronezh aircraft factory worked in close cooperation with designers of IL OJSC, including our branch in Voronezh. The arising issues were discussed immediately in the production areas, recommendations were provided, and proposals of the factory were taken into consideration. The digital technologies applied during manufacture allowed sharing the workload related to production of fuselage panels, doors, and hatches with Aviastar-SP JSC. In order to equip the aircraft fully, IL OJSC began supplying purchased integrated parts developed as per the development project. Starting from December, VASO PJSC intends to initiate delivery of components for full-size test benches to IL OJSC. In general, I would like to point out a considerable increase of production volume at the Voronezh aircraft factory with regards to IL-112, and we hope that VASO will be able not only to keep the pace, but also to increase it”.