IL OJSC Visited by French Trade Union Organisation FORCE MAJEURE OUVRIERE de la Metalurgie

16 November 2016
For the purpose of development of international cooperation and sharing experiences, a delegation of the French trade union organization FORCE OUVRIERE de la Metallurgie conducted a meeting with representatives of Ilyushin Aviation Complex. The delegation included representatives of the trade union of the Airbus concern.

IL OJSC deputy general director for staff and administration Yuri Shaleyev told the French guests about the company’s activities, current projects regarding manufacture of new aviation equipment and after-sale services of IL-type aircraft. He also shared his experience in resolving personnel issues and cooperating with trade union organisations.

According to Sergei Senatov, the representative of the primary trade union organization of IL OJSC employees of the Moscow City Trade Union Organisation of Aviation Industry Workers, meetings with foreign colleagues are crucial, as they help share experiences acquired and, of course, contribute to promotion of intercultural connections. “France has a very interesting trade union system, a unique approach to this kind of activities. We may be able to adopt some of its aspects and integrate them in our system. I hope these meetings will become a good tradition of our company”, said Sergei Senatov.

FORCE OUVRIERE de la Metallurgie has been active in France since 1948. It includes enterprises working in the field of metallurgy and metalworking.

At the end of their visit, the French delegation went for an excursion to the museum of IL OJSC.