13 January 2017 marks 84th anniversary from foundation of Ilyushin Aviation Complex

13 January 2017

Sergei IlyushinThe history of the enterprise started on January 13, 1933, when by the order of Pyotr Baranov, Deputy People's Commissar of USSR Heavy Industry and Chief of the aviation industry management, the Design Bureau of experimental light aircraft and military series was established at the factory No. 39 named V. Menzhinsky.

Sergey Ilyushin was appointed Head of Design Bureau and Deputy Director of the plant No. 39.

Ilyushin began working at his first aircraft, TsKB-26 bomber, with a team of just seven designers. They were the first in the group of like-minded enthusiasts which would be created by Sergei Ilyushin. He is the author of the beautiful phrase that the creation of such team, a group of creators and enthusiasts of the trade is a task no less difficult than the development of the best aircraft.

Over the years some outstanding aircraft have been born within design bureau walls – combat, passenger, cargo, special purpose planes.

The Il-4 long-range bomber became the first aircraft to bomb Berlin, as early as on 8 August 1941. The legendary attack aircraft Il-2, the most mass-produced aircraft in the history of aviation, is a symbol of the Great Victory, as much as T-34 tank or the multiple launch rocket system «Katyusha».

The post-war masterpieces by Ilyushin rightfully took their place on the list of important historical aircraft – the passenger Il-12 and Il-14, the Il-28 jet bomber, the Il-18 liner and the Il-62, which connected the continents.

Since 1970 the work started by Sergei Ilyushin was continued by Genrikh Novozhilov, his apprentice and successor at General Designer’s post.

Under his leadership the first domestic jet military transport aircraft Il-76, the tanker aircraft IL-78, the first wide-body airliner Il-86, long-haul Il-96 and regional Il-114 saw the sky.

Today all these planes, after many decades, are still in service. They carry top officials, participate in humanitarian missions around the world, successfully fight fires, and provide support for our military action in Syria.

Today Aviation Complex looks to the future with confidence.

In the past year the upgraded heavy military transport aircraft Il-76MD-M hit the skies and passed the factory tests stage. The company signed a contract with the Ministry of Defence for the modernization of the first batch of of military transport aircraft.

In Ulyanovsk, the advanced Il-76MD-90A got off the ground, enhanced based on the results of the first phase of government tests. At the same time the creation of a civilian version of the IL-76TD-90A is underway, the construction of prototype tanker aircraft IL-78M-90A, the first Russian air tanker, is in progress.

The first flight of light military transport aircraft Il-112V is planned for the summer of 2017.