OJSC «Il» management congratulates staff on 84th company anniversary

17 January 2017

On January 13, 2017 Ilyushin Aviation Complex celebrated the 84th anniversary.

Nikolai TalikovOJSC «Il» General Designer Nikolai Talikov opened the solemn event, told the audience about the history of Ilyushin Experimental Design Bureau and congratulated his colleagues on the holiday. He read numerous congratulations received at Ilyushin Aviation Complex from federal aviation governing bodies, operators of Il planes and company partners.

After that, Nicholas Talikov gave the floor to OJSC «Il» General Director Sergei Velmozhkin, who summed up the results of 2016 and outlined the prospects and plans.

He stressed that the financial performance of the company demonstrates strong growth in 2016. OJSC «Il» is operating consistently with a profit which allows to increase wages. Thus, the average salary increased in 2016 to 69.5 thousand rubles per month.

Sergey Ilyushin is the author of the beautiful phrase that the creation of such team, a group of creators and enthusiasts of the trade is a task no less difficult than the development of the best aircraft. People, the team is the most valuable resource of OJSC «Il».Sergei Velmozhkin

For the first time in recent years the number of employees has exceeded three thousand people, including more than 660 engineers (technicians). Almost a third of employees, about a thousand people - young people under 35 years.

The results of the annual professional competition "Best in Profession 2016" were summed up in a solemn ceremony. 18 company employees were awarded with diplomas and exclusive memorabilia, pictures of them were put on the company Honours Board.

JSC UAC in recognition of its tenth anniversary awarded nine OJSC «Il» employees with honorary certificates letters of acknowledgment for their achievements and high production performance.