XX anniversary young professionals’ meeting at OJSC «Il»

18 January 2017
The XX Meeting of young professionals, dedicated to the 84th anniversary of Ilyushin Aviation Complex, was held at OJSC «Il» Training Center. Such meetings have traditionally been one of the components in the implementation of youth policy at OJSC «Il».

In addition to engineers, designers and other specialists of OJSC «Il» and its branches, the meeting was attended by young workers from other aviation enterprises: the RAC MiG, PJSC Tupolev, Irkut Corporation, TsAGI, as well as representatives of the Youth Council of Moscow Organization Profavia.

OJSC "Il" executives also visited the meeting. General Director Sergei Velmozhkin spoke about the prospects of development of the enterprise. General Designer Nikolai Talikov delivered a speech on the role of young professionals, and the Deputy General Director for Staff and Administration Yuri Shaleev highlighted some aspects of youth policy.

Before the meeting coordinators there was a challenging task – it was necessary to connect the main topic of the meeting (the history of OJSC «Il») with business games on the modern approach to the production process.

"All the participants have a very responsible attitude to work! We are very grateful for their enthusiasm and hope that they have received a good knowledge base to use in work and everyday life", said the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Young Professionals Dmitry Kashporov.

At the end of the meeting the most active participants received prizes with OJSC «Il» logos.