Representatives of «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» OJSC visited Samara University

12 December 2016
Representatives of «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» OJSC held a meeting with the students of the Aviation and Engineering Institute of Samara University whom they invited to pass the educational internship in «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» OJSC, as well as apply for job in the company post the graduation.

The graduate of Samara University, Prof. Dr. Engineering, former General Director of Tashkent Aviation Production Association from 1996 to 2006, acting Advisor to General Director of «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» OJSC for Staff and Administration Vadim Kucherov, as well as Head of Division for Educational Organizations Cooperation Andrey Pozdnyakov took part in the given meeting.

The meeting attendees introduced to the students the insight of the company’s profile, spoke on the specialties in demand and educational internship conditions, as well as on possibilities of applying for the job in «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» OJSC. The students were acquainted with the Young Specialists’ Support and Mentorship Programs, social safety net provided to its employees by «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» OJSC.

The meeting was marked with great interest among the students, and in their turn, Vadim Kucherov and Andrey Pozdnyakov provided answers to a wide range of questions arose at the meeting.

In the frame of «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» representatives’ visit to Samara University there was also organized a meeting with the Head of University Evgeny Shakhmatov. The key focus of the meeting was discussion of the development of Russian aerospace sector.

According to Andrey Pozdnyakov, such visits to aerospace-oriented regional higher education establishments are considered to be of great importance. «They [meetings] allow us to introduce «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» OJSC to talented students facing the forthcoming choice of the work place as a potential employer. We are in demand of young qualified specialists and provide them with an extended social benefits pack, as well as assist in adaptation in new town, including partial reimbursement of housing rent and funding of mortgage interest», Andrey Pozdnyakov added.

«Ilyushin Aviation Complex» OJSC works in successful cooperation with Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) on the target students’ education program.