Manufacturing of the first IL-112V fuselage aggregates is on its final stage

31 October 2016
Voronezh Aircraft Production Association is on the final stage of manufacturing of fuselage sections F-1 and F-2 (nose and central sections) of the first pilot model for IL-112V light military-transport aircraft (designer – «Ilyushin Aviation Complex» OJSC).

The tail fuselage section (F-3) of the first IL-112V has already been manufactured and subsequently accepted by the Customer – the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

The plant also started manufacturing of IL-112V wing: structural frame elements, upper and lower panels, as well as wing leading edge has already been manufactured.

By the end of 2016, the plant intends to combine all the three fuselage sections of IL-112V together and prepare it for wing mounting.

The first aircraft flight is planned to be held prior to July 1, 2017.

Reference information

In 2017 Voronezh Aircraft Production Association is celebrating its 85th anniversary. The aircraft plant's history started in March, 1932 and was closely connected with Ilyushin Design Bureau.

The first Ilyushin aircraft ever manufactured at Voronezh aircraft plant was a long-range bomber DB-3 produced in 1937. Approximately a thousand of DB-3 bombers of various modifications saw the light of the day coming out of the Voronezh aircraft building stocks.

The first serial IL-2 attack aircraft was took off the plant airfield by K.K. Rykov, the Head of Flight Test Base, on March 10, 1941. The manufacturing of the first attack aircraft starting from receive of drawings from the Design Bureau took only three months.

During the whole period of the World War II the aircraft plant manufactured and delivered to the battlefield about 18.000 mass-produced IL-2 attack aircraft. Many of the plant workers left their working places for the war actions as a part of Voronezh Volunteers Regiment. Fourteen plant workers were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union for their heroic feats and courage shown during battle actions for their Motherland, and A.K. Ryazanov, a fighter pilot, was awarded the given title twice.

In September 1941, German aviation started bombing of the plant. Plant production facilities were badly damaged. At the beginning of October, 1941 the plant took a decision to evacuate to Bezymyanka station located 20 km off Kuybyshev. On October 10, 1941 the first echelon of people with plant equipment started from Pridacha station towards Kuybyshev.

On November 7, 1941, military displays were held in Moscow, Voronezh and Kuybyshev. During the displays a flight formation of fifty IL-2 aircraft manufactured by Voronezh aircraft producers flew overhead in the sky.

On December 23, 1941, the plant received a telegram from Stalin in which he emphasized that «at present the Red Army is in extreme need of IL-2 aircraft» and required «to produce more of IL aircraft». Next day in response to the given telegram the plant workers assured that «they will immediately eliminate the disreputable underrun».

On December 29, 1941, a special flight was sent to Moscow from Kuybyshev consisting of first 29 attack aircraft manufactured by the workers at new premises. Starting from January, 1942 the plant had been producing seven IL-2 per day. In February rate of attack aircraft production increased tenfold, while in March – twelve fold.

In January 1942, initiated by the Decree of the Southwestern Front Command a war-fighting aircraft repair facility was established at the premises of eliminated Voronezh aircraft plant. In June, 1942 by the Decree of the People's Commissariat of the Aviation Industry an aircraft repair facility No. 450 was established. In July due to battlefield expansion, plant workers and the equipment were evacuated to Penza.

On January 25, 1943, the Red Army finally released Voronezh from the threat of war.

On April 2, 1943, aircraft repair facility No. 64 was established at the premises of Voronezh aircraft plant, and from March to August of 1943, the aircraft of the women aviators of the 586th Fighter Regiment were based at Pridacha airfield.

In 1943, the plant repaired 218 IL-2 aircraft, as well as U-2, Yak -1, La-5, Pe-2, Yak-b, Yak-9, Ut-2, and Li-2.

On February 21, 1944 the plant was changed to aggregate production plant of Category 2 and received an order for production of metal wings for IL-2 aircraft. The required equipment the plant received from Kuybyshev.

On March 13, 1945 plant No. 64 and AF Command signed a contract for assembling of IL-4 aircraft from commercial off-the-shelf aggregates.

Post the World War II the plant started aggregates production. After 1947 the plant started production of IL-10 attack aircraft, while in 1950 the plant received an order for overhaul and refurbishment of IL-12 aircraft. Within the a year period Voronezh had performed modernization of 114 IL-12 aircraft.

The same year the first IL-28 front-line bombers came out from aircraft building stocks. The production of the given aircraft was in progress until 1954. The total number of IL-28 produces was 922. After this massive production, the plant started the preparation for manufacturing of long-range strategic jet bombers – Tu-16.

The plant returned to Ilyushin aircraft only in 20 years.

In 1974 the plant started manufacturing of aircraft building stocks structure and equipment designed for the assembling of the first indigenous wide-fuselage IL-86 airliner fuselage. On April 27, 1976 the plant issued a Decree on the beginning of IL-86 mass production. The given aircraft production was in progress along with the technical re-equipment of the plant. Rate of impact riveting usage was increased to 60%, new building stocks were implemented ensuring mounting of upper and lower panels across the whole wing span, 640.000 special instruments articles were produced, titanium alloys etching techniques were implemented, a new refrigerating chamber was commissioned to increase quality of high-hardness stainless-steel structural assemblies processing, a new assembling facility (48.000 sq. m) was constructed.

On October 15, 1977 a general plant meeting was held, which was designated for completion of the first serial IL-86 airliner assembling and delivery thereof to flight test base to perform ground and flight tests. In the frame of this official event V.A. Kazakov, Minister of Aviation Industry of the USSR, delivered a congratulatory speech to the plant workers on their work achievements.

On October 24, 1977 the first serial IL-86 aircraft performed its first flight taking off the plant runway. Test pilots of Ilyushin Design Bureau and Voronezh Aircraft Production Association, E.I. Kuznetsov and A.I. Voblikov were piloting the new aircraft. Both the test pilots had the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. The first test flight lasted for 30 minutes.

In 1979 IL-2, retrieved from the lake bottom (village Rakitnoye, Belgorod region) and renovated by the plant workers, was established as a memorial at the square in front of the plant main entrance. Vladimir Konstantinovich Kokkinaki was present at this honorouble event.

At present Voronezh Aircraft Production Association mass produces wide-fuselage long-range aircraft of IL-96 family group. The plant has all the required experience and competence for manufacturing of modernized IL-96-400M.