Defence Ministry Receives Il-18-Based Special-Purpose Experimental Aircraft as Part of the Unified Day of Military Acceptance

26 October 2016
Myasishchev Experimental Engineering Plant has produced an Il-18-based jamming and reconnaissance aircraft – Il-22PP «Porubshchik».

The main feature of the complex is frequency discrimination, which helps keep combat readiness of Russia-made radio electronic system.

The complex equipment allows to effectively counter AWACS aircraft, air-defence systems, as well as both man-carrying and unmanned aviation.

Within the framework of the Unified Military Acceptance Day, which took place on 21 October 2016, the managing director of Myasishchev Experimental Engineering Plant reported to the Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu that the State testing of aircraft development model had finished, and the recommendation of the aircraft service introduction had been given.

It is planned to deliver two more production aircraft to the customer in November 2016.

Myasishchev Experimental Engineering Plant forms part of the Unified Aircraft Corporation JSC and is managed by Ilyushin Aviation Complex.