Ministry of Defence completes acceptance of the first Il-112V fuselage section

14 October 2016
Representatives of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation completed the acceptance of the first unit of the first Il-112 prototype (designer – OJSC «Il»).

OJSC Voronezh Aircraft Production Association manufactured the fuselage aft section of the first prototype of light military-transport Il-112V aircraft, pressurization and interior painting were also finished. The company continues the assembly of similar fuselage section for the second aircraft.

According to the Il-112V Program Director Dmitry Saveliev, the first manufactured Il-112V will be used for flight test, the second – for structural and endurance test. Before the end of 2016 the factory is planning to build and connect all three fuselage sections of the first aircraft, prepare the fuselage for wing attachment. The maiden flight of the first Il-112V should take place no later than July 1, 2017.

To ensure this OJSC «Il» is finishing the production of test benches for systems and units of the Il-112V aircraft.

The assembly of an integrated test facility for aircraft control system, wing flap system and hydraulic system. This facility will be used for testing of aircraft control systems and control wheel steering, checking of avionics, evaluation of stability and controllability, fail-safe performance of control system.

Besides, OSJC «Il» is creating a special flight simulator, test bench for data collection system (flight recorder), flap testing unit.